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Family Responsibility Office Corrects Administrative Error

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Family Responsibility Office Corrects Administrative Error

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is taking steps to correct an administrative error that led to child support overpayments.

The error involves an annual cost-of-living adjustment that was incorrectly applied to some clients' monthly support payments. The ability to make these adjustments was eliminated in 1997 based on new federal child support guidelines. Approximately 1,700 cases are affected -- less than one per cent of FRO's current caseload.

In the weeks ahead, FRO will contact all affected clients to correct this error. Those who overpaid as a result of the error will have their account credited or be reimbursed.

Clients who have received more than their court-ordered support amount will have their future payments adjusted to the correct amount. They will not be required to pay back any money received as a result of this error.

Quick Facts

  • FRO helps families get the support payments they are entitled to by enforcing court-ordered support payments. FRO flows payments from the person who pays the support (the payor) to the person who receives it (the recipient).
  • Every year, FRO handles approximately 180,000 cases, represents nearly 400,000 people and collects about $650 million in support payments.
  • Since 2003, FRO has collected more than $5.5 billion in support payments, $2.1 million in garnished lottery winnings, and more than $900 million from the suspension of driver's licences.

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