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Ontario Creating Expert Committee on Autism

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Ontario Creating Expert Committee on Autism

McGuinty Government Taking Action to Improve Autism Services for Kids

Ontario is creating a new expert committee to help ensure that children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder get the right supports and treatment.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Expert Committee will be made up of eight representatives from a wide range of disciplines, including psychiatry, clinical psychology and developmental paediatrics, and will:

  • Provide ongoing clinical guidance
  • Offer advice on how autism services are delivered
  • Help ensure children and young people receive the most effective treatment, based on emerging research and best clinical practices.

The McGuinty government continues to help Ontario families meet the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Quick Facts

  • The committee will advise on how autism services are delivered, including Intensive Behavioural Intervention services, proposed clinical practice guidelines and benchmarks for Intensive Behavioural Intervention services.
  • Last year, Ontario expanded Applied Behaviour Analysis-based services and supports to help approximately 8,000 children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder each year.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has quadrupled its investments in autism services to $186 million and almost tripled the number of children and young people receiving Intensive Behavioural Intervention therapy.
  • Beginning December 14, 2012, a new independent review process will be available for parents concerned about their child’s ineligibility for, or discharge from, Intensive Behavioural Intervention services.

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“Parents of children with autism face many challenges, from the day a concern is suspected through to diagnosis and waiting for services. This committee will provide us with much-needed expert advice on the most current, evidence-based research to help us meet these challenges head-on.”

Laurel Broten

Minister of Children and Youth Services

“I am very excited about the opportunity that has been provided to me by the Minister of Children and Youth Services to Chair the Clinical Expert Committee. I look forward to working with some of the most respected experts in autism research and clinical practice, and to contributing to this important work. I believe that the establishment of the Clinical Expert Committee demonstrates the government's commitment to ensuring that policies and programs for children and youth with autism are based on expert advice and the most up-to-date, evidence-based research.”

Ian Dawe

Chair of the Clinical Expert Committee

“Autism Ontario is very pleased about the establishment of the Clinical Expert Committee. The work of the committee will be very important to the autism community, particularly for parents who want to know that the province’s autism services and supports are informed by the most current and evidence- based research. We look forward to contributing to this significant work in any way that we can.”

Margaret Spoelstra

Executive Director, Autism Ontario

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