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Support for Ontario's Plan to Improve Outcomes for Children and Youth with Autism

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Support for Ontario's Plan to Improve Outcomes for Children and Youth with Autism



“We are very excited about what this historic investment means for children and youth with autism and their families. More families will receive the right services at the right time.”

Leslie Suite

Chair, Regional Autism Providers of Ontario

“Communities across the province have been working to develop a system that is more accessible, coordinated and centred on the needs of children, youth and their families. This investment is another step in providing families with the seamless services they have been asking for.”

Jennifer Churchill

CEO, Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services

“Grandview Children's Centre is thrilled by these significant investments in children's services. This will change the lives of families with kids with special needs. For families in Durham Region, this means getting the right services sooner.”

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann

Executive Director, Grandview Children's Centre

“Families raising children with autism have been waiting for a long time this announcement. Providing early, evidence-based intervention, when it matters most, will set children with autism on the best path forward. This investment will set the stage for continuous learning for years to come.”

Margaret Spoelstra

Executive Director, Autism Ontario

“It is important to personalize intervention services for children with ASD. This funding opportunity is a significant step in that direction. Early intervention for all, but different intervention at different times is an essential step in the right direction.”

Dr. Peter Szatmari

Chief of the Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative between CAMH, the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto

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