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New Housing Project in Sarnia receives $94,360 in Provincial Funding

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New Housing Project in Sarnia receives $94,360 in Provincial Funding

Province Funding Six Housing Projects

As part of Ontario's three-year, $810 million investment to support the transformation and modernization of developmental services, Ontario is investing more than $2 million over two years in six creative community-based housing initiatives  for adults with developmental disabilities. 

The project, led by Lambton County Developmental Services, will provide affordable housing for two people to live in their own homes. It focuses on person-directed planning and promotes independence by giving people a home in the community of their choice. The project also provides community supports through the combined partnerships between the participants, their families and partner organizations, promoting community inclusion and awareness. It is based on a collaborative partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the Circles Program (County of Lambton Social Planning and Program Support/Lambton College).

This year six additional projects have now been selected from Ontario's Developmental Services Housing Task Force's second call for proposals. This will expand the range of creative, inclusive and cost effective initiatives for adults with developmental disabilities and will build on the 12 projects that were funded through the first call for proposals.

The selected projects are designed to:

  • Foster innovative housing solutions through creative partnerships in the developmental services sector, including partnerships among individuals, families, community agencies, multiple levels of government and the private sector
  • Expand the range of housing options available to adults with developmental disabilities
  • Strengthen the community's ability to enhance the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Promote individualized approaches through inclusive, community-based supports.

Lessons learned from the projects will be used to develop residential options that could be replicated in communities across the province, to help more people in the long term.

Supporting people with developmental disabilities is part of Ontario's goal of full inclusion for every person across the province.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario provides residential supports to more than 18,000 adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Ontario has approved $3.47 million over two years for 12 projects from the Housing Task Force’s first proposal call in 2015, all of which are currently underway.
  • This is part of the government’s three year $810 million investment in community and developmental services.

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“We know there is no one-size-fits-all housing solution for adults with developmental disabilities. It’s about exploring creative partnerships to design innovative housing solutions that can meet the unique needs of a wide range of individuals. The projects selected by the Housing Task Force give us the opportunity to learn how new partnerships can help us work together to support greater inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.”

Dr. Helena Jaczek

Minister of Community and Social Services

“Finding innovative housing solutions is critical to addressing the needs of Ontario adults with developmental disabilities and their families. The government’s funding commitment to the Housing Task Force’s efforts from this second round will generate new partnerships between individuals, families, communities and agencies. This will in turn help us to develop a broader set of residential options that can help more people in the long term.”

Ron Pruessen

Chair of the Developmental Services Housing Task Force

“We’re excited to explore these ideas that promote community collaboration while ensuring people are at the centre of planning where and how they live in their community. We are grateful to the Developmental Services Housing Task Force and the Ministry of Community and Social Services for giving the green light to this demonstration project.”

Carla Alway

Quality Assurance Manager, Lambton County Developmental Services

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