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Supporting Ontario Children and Families Living with Autism


Supporting Ontario Children and Families Living with Autism

The Ontario Autism Program Advisory Panel has started its work with the ministry to review the feedback from the consultations in the month of May. The panel has been provided with the results of the online survey, telephone town halls and all written submissions that were received.

This will provide the panel with an opportunity to consider a wide range of ideas and perspectives. To be fully impartial and transparent, the submissions were not reviewed or vetted by the ministry for quality or accuracy.

The ministry received data on the number of children on the waitlist from the nine service providers who previously managed the regional waitlists for the Ontario Autism Program.

The most up-to-date numbers show that 24,924 children are waiting for service, while 10,365 are currently in service. With an expanded range of services under the new Ontario Autism Program, more families are expected to seek support. In addition, some families have begun receiving Childhood Budgets and are no longer waiting for service.

In addition, the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services has instructed that updates to the total number of children in service and the number of children waiting for service, should be posted monthly on Ontario.ca/autism.

As of today, $4.4 million has been issued to 260 families through Childhood Budgets so they can start purchasing the services that are the most important to them.

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