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Beating Cancer With Better Research Tools

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Beating Cancer With Better Research Tools

McGuinty Government Funds Research Excellence To Fight Cancer

World-leading research into cancer prevention and treatment is being expanded in Ontario, providing high-paying, high-skilled jobs for more than 100 researchers and students.

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), created by the provincial government in 2005, is investing $60 million in five signature initiatives:

  • Cancer Stem Cell Program ($17 million)
  • One Millimetre Cancer Challenge, an early cancer detection program ($12.5 million)
  • Imaging Platform, to improve techniques for early detection of cancer ($10 million)
  • Cancer Research Fund Program ($8.7 million) and
  • State-of-the-art equipment in 11 Ontario research institutions across the province ($9.8 million).

The funding is part of $347 million the Ontario government committed to supporting OICR's internationally recognized scientists and their work over five years.

Since it opened just over two years ago, the institute has earned an international reputation of being one of the most renowned research centres in the world, attracting many top cancer researchers to Ontario from around the globe. 

Quick Facts

  • Toronto is the fourth-largest biomedical research complex in North America
  • Ontario has an international reputation for research excellence in the medical and related sciences, supported by 25 research and academic hospitals employing 10,000 scientists, clinical investigators and other researchers conducting $850 million in research annually
  • Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada
  • 60,000 Ontarians are diagnosed with cancer each year

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“By increasing access to study groups, research materials and commercialization experts, the OICR has ensured that more researchers are developing, testing and performing more leading-edge cancer therapies in more Ontario clinics and hospitals”

John Wilkinson

Minister of Research and Innovation

“Our strategy is to build on the strengths and opportunities in cancer research in Ontario and to commercialize the discoveries so that patients benefit as quickly as possible from the investments we are making.”

Dr. Tom Hudson

Scientific Director and President, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research