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Inspiring youth to pursue science and technology careers

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Inspiring youth to pursue science and technology careers

The McGuinty government's $5-million investment to support science education is divided between Let's Talk Science ($1.5 million) and the Youth Science Foundation of Canada ($3.5 million). The two organizations will work with other youth science outreach organizations, teachers, school boards, businesses and other ministries to help ensure Ontario students are prepared for the jobs of the future.

  • Let's Talk Science develops and delivers educational programs that engage children, youth, and teachers in learning and improving science literacy. This organization specializes in early years education, volunteer science outreach programs, professional learning and training, science literacy research and advocacy.
  • Youth Science Foundation Canada is a not-for-profit organization that makes project-based science accessible to young Canadians with an interest in science. This organization supports a network of over 100 local organizations from across Canada that encourage the scientific efforts of young Canadians.

Additional programs:

Ontario also helps give youth the hands-on experience they need to develop science and technology skills: 

  • Through the Teachers' Science and Technology Outreach Program, Ontario teachers participate in leading-edge research in publicly funded research institutions across Ontario during the summer. Teachers then take their research experience back to their students in the fall.

Inspiring youth to pursue careers in science and technology is part of Ontario's Innovation Agenda - a plan focused on growing the next generation of businesses in Ontario.