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Inventing the next generation of forestry products

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Inventing the next generation of forestry products

The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) in Thunder Bay will create new opportunities and high-paying jobs in this rapidly growing and cutting-edge sector of the forestry industry. CRIBE is an important part of Ontario's efforts to support growth in the bio-economy, replacing products now made with fossil fuels with those created from renewable resources.

This centre will attract world-class researchers to northern Ontario and will work to develop the next generation of forestry products, including environmentally friendly substitutes for a range of materials used in Ontario's factories. CRIBE will focus on research, development and commercialization as it relates to the use of fibres, molecules and cellulose from Ontario forests for new products and processes such as resins and medicinal compounds.  The centre will:

The centre's R&D program is expected to research, develop and implement new technologies and/or processes, carry out pilot/demonstration projects and drive a new culture of innovation in the forestry sector.

The centre will create links across Ontario among industry, academia and government. A task force of leading stakeholders in the forestry and innovation sectors has been appointed to guide the development and function of the centre.  This task force will work with government to facilitate consultations sessions across Ontario, and will produce a preliminary report by September 2008. The task force will work with industry partners to leverage additional private sector R&D investments.