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133 Jobs Created at Mississauga Aerospace Company

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133 Jobs Created at Mississauga Aerospace Company

Innovative Technology Helping Cyclone Manufacturing To Seek New Business

Cyclone Manufacturing is creating 133 jobs by investing in new technology that will help improve its products and win new business. 

The company makes parts for aerospace manufacturers. Their customers have included Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. By innovating, they can use new materials to make aircraft parts that are lighter. This allows their customers to make aircraft that are more fuel efficient, lowering costs for airlines and reducing emissions. 

The McGuinty government is providing a grant of nearly $7.7 million to support the company's investment of more than $50 million over the next five years.

The support comes from Ontario's Next Generation of Jobs Fund, a $1.15-billion business incentive program to create and protect jobs for Ontario families. Partnering with business is a component of the Ontario government's five-point plan to grow the economy.

Quick Facts

  • Cyclone also helps assemble parts for space exploration. There are more than 350 aerospace suppliers in Ontario.
  • Ontario companies supply several major aerospace programs, including the Boeing 787, the Airbus A380 and A350, Bombardier's Q400 turboprop and the Joint Strike Fighter.

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“Manufacturing companies and working families are facing a tough environment. They create the economic activity that generates tax dollars and builds schools, roads and hospitals. So we're working hard to ensure they can compete and win under increasingly tough, and changing global circumstances.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“Cyclone Manufacturing is securing high-value, sustainable jobs for the future. Thanks to Ontario's highly skilled workforce, Cyclone Manufacturing is creating innovative, energy efficient products that will boost Ontario's economy.”

Michael Bryant

Minister of Economic Development

“The support from the Government of Ontario allows us to accelerate our growth plans. With this investment we'll be able to offer our customers a broader range of products and services, while reducing our impact on the environment.”

Andrew Sochaj

President, Cyclone Manufacturing



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