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New technology helps create jobs in Aurora

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New technology helps create jobs in Aurora

McGuinty Government Invests In Auto Parts Manufacturing Process

Ontario is helping an auto parts maker invest in an innovative technology that will create 128 jobs in Aurora.

The province is contributing $2.4 million to support the Axiom Group's plans to develop and produce a new high output exhauster for the auto industry. Their new product is manufactured using plastic injection moulding, resulting in a lighter product that also improves air velocity and reduces noise.

The support comes from Ontario's Next Generation of Jobs Fund, a $1.15 billion business incentive program to create and protect jobs for Ontario families. Partnering with business is a component of the Ontario government's five-point plan to grow the economy.

Quick Facts

  • Axiom is a supplier for Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, and also supplies other auto parts companies. The company is investing $16 million in the new technology.
  • There are more than 400 auto parts manufacturers in Ontario.

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“The Ontario government is helping auto parts manufacturers invest in new technology, which in turn leads to new jobs. The Ontario government's economic strategy is to support companies that are investing in innovative technology so Ontarians can have the jobs they want and the prosperity they deserve.”

Michael Bryant

Minister of Economic Development

“The support from the McGuinty government helps us to accelerate our growth plans and make the investments in our operations and workforce that allow us to remain competitive. Their support in commercializing our new technology and the skilled and educated workforce anchors our investment in Ontario.”

Perry Rizzo

President, Axiom Group



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