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The Ontario Global Edge Program

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The Ontario Global Edge Program

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The Ontario Global Edge program gives students a firsthand opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the role of small and medium-sized businesses in a global economy.  

The Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services administers the program, which provides grants to selected, publicly-funded postsecondary institutions so that students between the ages of 19 to 29 can gain the experience and skills to effectively engage in the global marketplace.

Ontario Global Edge's key objectives are to:

  • Foster a culture of entrepreneurship and expand an entrepreneurial awareness among postsecondary students, 
  • Encourage enterprising young people in Ontario to explore international business, and 
  • Promote the importance of entrepreneurs and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in a global marketplace.

Ontario's small and medium-sized businesses are growing and expanding internationally. Within the global marketplace:

  • Ontario's businesses have strong trading relationships with the United States, Mexico, and Europe, and are rapidly establishing trade relationships with Asian countries. 
  • Small and medium-sized businesses play a major role in Ontario's export success.   In 2006, more than 16,900 of these businesses exported $51.5 billion of goods around the world.

It all adds up to building a stronger future for Ontario's economy - and a competitive edge in the global marketplace.  

For more information on Ontario Global Edge and comments from students who participated in the pilot program, visit the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services' website



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