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Ontario Invests In Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Ontario Invests In Aspiring Entrepreneurs

McGuinty Government Providing Opportunities For Youth To Develop Business Skills

Ontario is giving youth with a flair for fashion a chance to hone their business skills through the Youth Entrepreneurship Partnerships (YEP) program.

Youth Employment Services, a recipient of a $70,000 grant under the YEP program, has teamed up with the Toronto Fashion Incubator to provide training and workshops on how to launch a career as a fashion designer. Their project, A Passion for Fashion, will help participants learn about entrepreneurship in the fashion industry. The project will serve youth and high school students in 13 priority neighbourhoods in Toronto.


Launched in 2006, the YEP program provides funding to non-profit organizations for projects that promote the entrepreneurial spirit in youth aged 12-29. Nineteen organizations have been selected in this third round of grants, totalling just over $1 million in support.

Quick Facts

  • In its first two rounds of funding, YEP has provided approximately $2.27 million to 20 projects.
  • Youth Employment Services was established in 1968 and is the first youth employment centre in Canada.
  • Since 2006, the Ontario government has contributed grants totalling $4 million to the Canadian Youth Business Foundation for their work in helping youth to create new businesses.

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“This project will demystify the world of running your own business for youth who otherwise may never have the chance to see how to build a career by combining their creativity with entrepreneurship. The result can be a rewarding career, where they are also likely to create jobs for others.”

Harinder Takhar

Ministery Small Business and Consumer Services

“Our program will teach young people the basics of running their own business in the fashion industry. With the support from the province, we can awaken their entrepreneurial spirit with this innovative and exciting project.”

Gabrielle Zilkha

Youth Employment Services



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