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Building Ontario's Green Economy By Reducing Toxic Chemicals

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Building Ontario's Green Economy By Reducing Toxic Chemicals

As part of the Ontario Innovation Agenda, the Ministry of Research and Innovation is investing $13.6 million to help establish GreenCentre Canada

The goal of GreenCentre is to protect our health and environment, while supporting the growth of a green economy in Ontario -- by assisting industry in finding alternatives to toxics currently in use, and helping companies develop and implement technology to reduce the use of toxics.

GreenCentre Canada will help get green chemistry discoveries to chemical companies.  Researchers and companies will partner to develop alternatives to toxic chemicals and get them to the marketplace faster. In doing so, GreenCentre will help turn new knowledge and new ideas into high value, high-paying jobs for Ontarians.   


GreenCentre Canada will provide a full set of commercialization services to promising early-stage green chemistry innovations, and offer this growing industry one-stop access to help in testing and piloting new discoveries. This will transform green chemistry research breakthroughs into clean, sustainable products and processes that will benefit Canada and the world.

GreenCentre will act as a pipeline to connect new knowledge and ideas in our universities and colleges with Ontario's rapidly emerging green chemistry industry.

It is expected that through five years of operation, GreenCentre will commercialize a total of 50 green chemistry technologies, execute 10 license agreements with companies and create six start-up companies in Ontario.

In total, about 250 high-value jobs will be both retained, and created by this initiative in its first five years of operation.

The $71-million GreenCentre Canada initiative will be based at the Innovation Park at Queen's University, but will reach across the province in its scope.  PARTEQ Innovations of Queen's University will support the operation of the Centre.


The global chemicals industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world, with annual global revenues of over $3 trillion -- revenues in Canada are over $47 billion.  Right here in Ontario, annual revenues are over $21 billion and the industry employs about 41,000 Ontarians.

The industry is central to the modern world economy, converting raw materials such as oil, gas, air, water, metals and minerals into more than 70,000 different products.  Its workforce is highly skilled and highly paid.  

The global challenges of sustainability and climate change are driving a growing demand for the chemical industry's green products and processes. Green chemistry-derived products are becoming a more profitable part of the worldwide chemical industry and demand is rising rapidly.


In the current economic climate, jurisdictions around the world are trying to stay ahead by keeping jobs and economic prosperity at home.

Ontario is in a unique position to capitalize on the need for environmental solutions, and in doing so, deliver high-value jobs and a greener world to Ontarians.

Ontario boasts some of the best minds in clean technology.  These researchers are developing novel, cutting-edge solutions to many of the problems we face.

Research chemists across Ontario are developing a wealth of next generation products -- biofuels, biomaterials, specialized polymers, advanced ceramics and more.


Supporting innovation is part of the McGuinty government's five-point plan for growing Ontario's economy. Ontario's Innovation Agenda is the government's plan to help turn great ideas into good jobs for the future and better lives for Ontario families.

Backed by $3.2 billion in spending over eight years, the agenda focuses on supporting innovation and growth in sectors where Ontario has the research and business strengths to dominate high-growth global markets. Tackling climate change through bio-based, environmental, alternative energy and clean technologies is one of Ontario's priorities.


PARTEQ Innovations was founded by Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario in 1987 to commercialize intellectual property (e.g. inventions) arising from university-generated research. A not-for-profit organization, PARTEQ provides Queen's researchers with the business and financial expertise that is needed to advance their discoveries to the public, while returning the proceeds from those activities to researchers and the university. Since its inception PARTEQ has returned more than $20 million to the university and its inventors.