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Taking Ontario's Video Game Industry To The Next Level

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Taking Ontario's Video Game Industry To The Next Level

McGuinty Government Strengthens Growing Industry

Ontario is helping the video game industry address current business challenges and generate future growth.

The province is helping Interactive Ontario deliver three programs to Ontario-based companies in the areas of skills training, marketing and investor networking.  A provincial investment of $605,000 will support the following programs:

  • ONtheEdge, a training curriculum targeting video game entrepreneurs to provide them with business skills tailored for the industry.
  • GamesID will provide market intelligence, marketing and promotional support to video game companies by disseminating industry research and information and seeking domestic and international partnerships.
  • And, the Ontario Video Game and Digital Media Investor Network, which is designed to connect video game and digital media developers with Canadian and international investors.

Quick Facts

  • Interactive Ontario is committed to the growth of Ontario's digital media industry. It represents over 200 interactive digital media companies, including game developers, cross- platform content producers and distributors, mobile developers, e-learning companies, educational and training institutions, and other industry stakeholders.
  • Ontario's digital media industry generates around $1 billion annually.

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“We are proud to support Interactive Ontario in delivering these important programs. Ontario's digital media sector is growing quickly, and shows even greater growth potential. As a government, we are committed to working with the industry to generate investment and create high-value jobs for Ontarians.”

Sandra Pupatello

Minister of Economic Development and Trade

“These programs will provide Ontario video game companies with the support they need to reach their business goals. As is evident at GameON:Finance, the province's video game industry is amazingly vibrant and growing. With the convergence of highly creative companies, world-class schools, top-tier talent, and the continued support of the Government of Ontario, this province has very quickly become one of the fastest growing in the games industry.”

Ian Kelso

President and CEO of Interactive Ontario

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