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Port Colborne Plans For Future Economy

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Port Colborne Plans For Future Economy

McGuinty Government Supports Creation Of City's First Economic Development Strategy

Ontario is helping Port Colborne identify opportunities for growth and prosperity that will strengthen the city's economy.

The Port Colborne Economic and Tourism Development Corporation is developing the city's first comprehensive economic development strategy.  Through an extensive consultation and evaluation process, the city will identify priorities and opportunities for retaining, expanding and/or diversifying local key business activities including:

  • distribution and logistics
  • bio-business/agri-food innovation
  • food processing, and
  • tourism.

The city will also look at options for strengthening and diversifying its fabricated metals manufacturing industry including targeting businesses involved in the development of the oil sands project. The province is providing $40,000 under the Communities in Transition program to help Port Colborne develop the new strategy.

Quick Facts

  • Port Colborne is a dynamic city of 19,000 people located on the shores of Lake Erie in the Niagara region.
  • Port Colborne is moving forward in 2010 with an aggressive capital projects program that includes four Community Improvement Plans and a new Multi-Use Health & Wellness Centre.
  • The province has more than doubled support to municipal operating budgets since 2003. By 2011, ongoing annual operating support for municipalities will exceed $2.8 billion, an increase of more than $1.7 billion, or 160 per cent, compared to 2003.

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“Ontario supports initiatives that help communities like Port Colborne grow and diversify their local economy so they may stand strong in the new global economy.”

Sandra Pupatello

Minister of Economic Development and Trade

“The province's support allows us to move forward with a pragmatic, inclusive process that will establish an economic strategy for the City of Port Colborne. Equally as important, is that the strategy then be managed within a disciplined structure. Our first priority is to prevent any erosion of the existing tax base. The intent is to retain what we currently have, recognize local, regional and international synergies and continue to work to attract new employment opportunities.”

Vance Badawey

Mayor, City of Port Colborne

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