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Innovation Technology To Promote Conservation

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Innovation Technology To Promote Conservation

McGuinty Government Supports Energy Savings Through Smart Lighting Solutions

Ontario is helping Fifth Light Technology Ltd. of Oakville advance its technology that could change the economics, energy requirements and environmental impact of commercial lighting for buildings throughout Ontario and beyond.

The project will support the company's patented dimmable ballast for fluorescent light bulbs.  This technology adjusts indoor lighting automatically, depending on the amount of exterior lighting available.  The system would pay for itself through the energy savings it provides.

Ontario is providing a grant of $3.75-million to support a total investment of $25-million by the company, which will create 86 jobs and retain another 14 over the next five years.

This investment supports the province's five-year Open Ontario plan to create new job opportunities and help promote economic growth.

Quick Facts

  • Fifth Light Technology estimates its dimmable ballast system will save 50 per cent in energy costs in buildings.
  • Fifth Light's ballast system would offer access to large amounts of power to reduce the need for rolling blackouts and promote energy conservation.
  • The project is being supported under the Next Generation of Jobs Fund.
  • The company is building relationships with international partners that could result in the export of advanced technology from Ontario.
  • As a result of business tax cuts and the move to a harmonized sales tax, the tax on business investment in Ontario is being cut in half, making Ontario businesses more competitive.

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“Ontario is a breeding ground for innovation and the next generation of commercialized technologies. Fifth Light Technology is using cutting-edge innovation to improve efficiency in lighting systems and promote energy conservation across the board. We're pleased to support this company who also promotes Ontario business by manufacturing all of its products and components in our province.”

Sandra Pupatello

Minister of Economic Development and Trade

“Our government has long supported Ontario companies with innovative projects that will benefit people throughout the province. Fifth Light Technology Ltd. has embraced the spirit of innovation with technological advances that will provide significant cost savings to its users.”

Kevin Flynn

MPP for Oakville

“We can now proceed aggressively with our Lighting Management System project because of the tremendous support we received from the Ontario Government. This investment gives us a heightened ability to deliver on upcoming contracts using a groundbreaking system we wholeheartedly believe in.”

Dr. Joseph Dableh

CEO and President, Fifth Light Technology Ltd.

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