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Proposed Open For Business Act - What Others Are Saying

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Proposed Open For Business Act - What Others Are Saying

Ontario is introducing the proposed Open for Business Act that responds to the needs of the business community, while continuing to provide appropriate government oversight and protect the public interest.  Here's what the business community and other important stakeholders are saying about the proposed legislation:

"We are very pleased with the introduction of today's legislation that will address many of the concerns and challenges that have long impeded businesses.  We operate in a new economic normal and these reforms will ensure Ontario is open for business by removing outdated processes and unnecessary red tape. This is a big step forward for Ontario."

- Ian Howcroft, vice president of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Ontario.

"I applaud the government's move to reduce business costs by streamlining regulations and harmonizing them with other jurisdictions where possible. The reforms in the procedure for environmental Certificates of Approval, for example, could bring significant benefits to GE and other companies. With regulatory simplification and recent changes in the tax structure, the Ontario government has taken important steps to make Ontario an attractive place for companies to invest and create jobs."

- Elyse Allan, President and CEO, General Electric Canada

"Pollution Probe supports Ontario's commitment to build a streamlined modern approval system that is good for business while protecting the environment. The proposed risk-based approach could help achieve this balance. Pollution Probe looks forward to ongoing consultation on this process."

Bob Oliver, Executive Director of Pollution Probe

"To the mining community, the proposed Framework for Modernizing Environmental Approvals signifies a welcome move toward enhancing the business climate in the province on a par with other leading jurisdictions, while improving the efficiency and efficacy of environmental protection measures and ensuring worker health and safety."

- Adrianna Stech, Manager of Environment and Sustainability for Ontario Mining Association

"Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) is supportive of the approach and specific proposals put forward by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). We have been calling for changes to the approvals process for some years."

- Alex Gill, Executive Director of Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)

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