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Advancing Competitiveness In Manufacturing

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Advancing Competitiveness In Manufacturing

McGuinty Government Supports Innovation And Job Creation At Meat Processing Plant

Ontario is helping a deli meat manufacturer create new jobs and enhance its operations with an investment in leading-edge technology aimed at maximizing food safety practices.

Golden Valley Farms Inc., a leading producer of high-quality poultry-based cold cuts, is installing two new world-class machines that use high pressure and cold water to pasteurize product right in the packaging. This cutting-edge technology will help the company continue developing new products requiring less sodium and fewer additives. It also increases the product's shelf life which allows Golden Valley to ship its products nationwide, retaining and creating jobs in Ontario.

The province is investing $3.72 million in the $12.6 million project which will retain 78 positions and create 28 new jobs. Creating new opportunities for jobs and growth is a key part of the government's Open Ontario five-year plan.

Quick Facts

  • As a result of business tax cuts and the move to a harmonized sales tax, the tax on business investment in Ontario is being cut in half, making Ontario businesses more competitive.
  • Golden Valley is jointly owned by Piller Sausages and Delicatessen Limited, and Parrish and Heimbecker Limited.
  • Located in Arthur, Ontario, Golden Valley uses Ontario-based raw material suppliers to manufacture its products.

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“We are proud to support Golden Valley's latest investment in Ontario. This project will help ensure the long-term viability of the company - protecting good jobs for hard-working Ontario families, and anchoring high-tech manufacturing facilities to the province.”

Sandra Pupatello

Minister of Economic Development and Trade

“Ontario proudly supports companies that invest in technologies to improve the quality of their product, helping ensure the company's long-term competitive edge in the industry. This project is creating and protecting good jobs for hard-working local families, and contributing to Ontario's renewed economic strength.”

John Wilkinson

MPP for Perth-Wellington, Minister of Revenue

“We are pleased with the Ontario government's investment which is helping us elevate meat processing and food safety standards to new levels and secure our role as a leader in the industry.”

Keith Hehn

General Manager, Golden Valley Farms Inc.

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