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Supporting Waterloo's High-Tech Economy

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Supporting Waterloo's High-Tech Economy

McGuinty Government Invests in Innovation And Job Creation

Ontario is helping three emerging high-tech companies bring innovative products and services to market, which will support the region's high-tech industry and create new jobs.

The Investment Accelerator Fund will support new technology development and help the companies attract investment and secure major customers. Together, they expect to create 95 jobs over the next two years. The three companies are:

  • Client Outlook Inc. - their software lets hospitals share digital X-rays, for more efficient patient care decisions and reduced patient wait times
  • Dejero Labs - their technology makes it possible to transmit broadcast-quality live video over cellular networks, simply and economically - as seen in the live coverage of the Olympic Torch Relay
  • DossierView - will offer software designed to provide more efficient desktop management and more intelligent searching, both locally and over the Internet.

These investments are part of Ontario's Innovation Agenda, the province's plan to make innovation a driving force of Ontario's economy, and support the Open Ontario Plan to build new opportunities for growth and jobs.

Quick Facts

  • The province is investing $1.5 million in these companies through the Investment Accelerator Fund.
  • The Investment Accelerator Fund program is delivered on behalf of Ontario by MaRS.

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“We're proud to support the exciting new thinking and technology of these companies. They demonstrate how innovation is improving the lives of Ontarians, from reducing patient wait times to delivering faster and more efficient communications.”

John Milloy

Minister of Research and Innovation

“The IAF funding comes at just the right time for us. While previous investments helped us prove our technology, the IAF funding will bring our technology to market and create jobs. We are in the process of signing distribution agreements with channel partners and the IAF investment is helping us get to market much faster than we would otherwise be able to.”

Steve Rankin

President and Co-founder, Client Outlook Inc.

“The investment from the IAF came at a great time: it helped us hire good people, grow our product and get it ready for shipping on a large scale. Broadcasters have a real need for live feeds in the field - and now we're able to provide that.”

Ron Neumann

Chairman & CEO, Dejero Labs

“The IAF funding supports continuing innovation at DossierView. It allows us to build value in the company before seeking later stage investment. And while early stage financing facilitated initial product validation, funding from IAF allows DossierView to produce a market ready product and serves as a segue to our first enterprise sale and larger investment by a strategic partner.”

Stephen Basco


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