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Growing Ontario's Economy, Creating Clean Energy Jobs

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Growing Ontario's Economy, Creating Clean Energy Jobs

McGuinty Government Invests in Renewable Energy Technology

Ontario is supporting new clean energy technology and creating jobs as part of its Open Ontario Plan.

Through the Innovation Demonstration Fund the province is helping Woodland Biofuels Inc. build a pilot plant at the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre in Sarnia, Ontario. The plant will help the company improve its ability to produce cellulosic ethanol. Using low-cost, locally available waste materials, such as wood waste, this cleaner fuel can be mixed with gasoline for use in automobiles.

The construction and operation of the plant is expected to create 35 full and part-time jobs and will be complete in about a year. If the technology is proved successful, the company could potentially hire an additional 585 employees over the next five years.

This investment is part of Ontario's Innovation Agenda to make innovation a driving force of Ontario's economy and supports the new Open Ontario Plan to build new opportunities for growth and jobs.

Quick Facts

  • The province is investing $4 million in Woodland Biofuels Inc.
  • The share of ethanol in global gasoline type fuel is seven per cent. This is expected to rise as more countries adopt ethanol as a way to curb carbon emissions.
  • Cellulosic ethanol can be produced from agricultural wastes, organic commercial and industrial wastes, contaminated waste wood, and forestry wastes.

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“Ontario's support in Woodland Biofuels announced today is part of our Open Ontario Plan and is a good example of strengthening community through business. When businesses grow so do jobs for their communities. By investing in Woodland today, Ontario is creating good jobs and a cleaner environment for Ontario's families tomorrow.”

Sophia Aggelonitis

MPP for Hamilton Mountain

“Thanks to Ontario's support we can begin building a demonstration plant that we expect will confirm our ability to successfully produce ethanol from renewable waste at a commercial cost of less than $1 per gallon. Achieving this will put Ontario in the front of the global race to find an alternative to fossil fuels and provide Ontario with significant economic and environmental benefits. I'm delighted to be working with leading engineering and construction partners like Zeton Inc. to help make this happen.”

Greg Nuttall

President and CEO, Woodland Biofuels Inc.

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