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Ontario Focused on Jobs

McGuinty Government Supports Ontario Families Through Job Creation

Ontario is creating the right climate for businesses to grow and create quality jobs, with 121,300 net new jobs created in the province in 2011.

Job growth in the province accounted for more than 45 per cent of all jobs created in Canada in 2011 and the pace of job creation in Ontario is ahead of the USA and most Canadian provinces.

The McGuinty government's focus on job creation and economic growth is working. As of December 2011, employment was 42,300 jobs above the pre-recession peak in September 2008. Ontario's employment has increased by 299,100 net jobs from the recessionary low in May 2009, with full-time employment up 268,000.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario's unemployment rate has moved lower, falling to 7.7 per cent in December 2011 from a recessionary high of 9.4 per cent in May 2009.
  • Ontario has regained all jobs lost during the recession, while the United States has regained just over 30 per cent of its jobs lost.
  • Forbes.com recently named Ontario a top destination for foreign direct investment in North America and has given the province top rankings in various areas, including job creation, tax reform and health care.
  • In 2010, the province attracted a total of 127 Foreign Direct Investment projects, which created more than 11,200 jobs.
  • Ontario's Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth will cut taxes on business investment in half, making the province more competitive and encouraging new business investment.

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“Ontario is one of the most competitive places for businesses to invest. This means good jobs for our families and communities. Our priorities remain the priorities of all Ontarians: a great quality of life for our families and a bright future for our children.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

“We're fortunate in Ontario to have so many innovative, entrepreneurial companies that keep our economy driving forward. Our government will continue doing everything we can to help business succeed - investing in a skilled workforce, partnering strategically with the private sector, and creating a streamlined, cost-effective business climate that fosters growth.”

Brad Duguid

Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

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