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Statement From Minister Duguid On Reducing Red Tape

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Statement From Minister Duguid On Reducing Red Tape

Minister of Economic Development and Innovation Brad Duguid issued the following statement on the release of the report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) examining the impact of regulation on small business in Canada.

"Ontario has taken significant steps in recent years to make the province a more attractive place to do business. Since 2008, we have eliminated over 80,000 regulatory requirements - a 17.2 per cent reduction.

Tax reforms, including the introduction of the HST, have streamlined administration with the federal government and eliminated duplication. Moving to the HST eliminated 5,000 pages of outdated rules, regulations and procedures and is saving businesses $500 million per year.

I am pleased that the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has recognized these efforts to cut red tape and improve government-to-business services. Ontario moved up a full grade in the CFIB ranking, the most significant improvement in Canada.

This is a testament to the hard work and collaboration undertaken in Ontario that is fostering a healthy and innovative business climate and creating jobs.

Reducing the regulatory burden on business and giving them the tools they need to create jobs is a shared priority for both the CFIB and the province. Thanks to our red tape reduction efforts and other measures, Ontario created 45 per cent of all new jobs in Canada last year.

We are determined to take further steps to eliminate duplication, streamline government services and improve the government-to-business relationship to make Ontario the best place to do business."

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