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Ontario Joins in Launching IBM Canada Research and Development Centre

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Ontario Joins in Launching IBM Canada Research and Development Centre

Ontario is partnering with IBM and leading Ontario universities to launch the IBM Canada Research and Development Centre, a network that will use cutting-edge computer infrastructure to drive new discoveries in key areas and bring them to market.

This new partnership further builds on Ontario's long-standing track record of supporting cutting-edge innovation across the province including:

  • A strong Innovation Agenda. With support from organizations like  Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and MaRS, Ontario's innovators have a clear path from invention to global markets.
  • One of the best-educated workforces in the G-7. The research momentum and level of collaboration in Ontario universities is second to none.
  • A competitive business climate. By cutting taxes on new business investments, Ontario is now one of the most attractive business jurisdictions in the world.
  • Strong partnerships with industry. Ontario is aggressively leveraging new investments and new jobs for Ontario families, and
  • Access to large markets. People and goods move quickly and seamlessly in and out of Ontario. Companies that do business here have access to 139 million consumers within a day's drive of southern Ontario.

IBM Canada Research and Development Centre

The new virtual centre will use cloud computing, a system in which data is stored remotely on servers for users to access - similar to the way people obtain information on the Internet. Because cloud computing makes it possible to store vast quantities of data, it supports unprecedented collaboration. This exciting partnership will:

  • Build the skills for developing next generation Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services
  • Help to improve productivity and create efficiencies and cost savings across multiple sectors
  • Create 145 new, highly skilled R&D jobs and an additional 100 indirect jobs related to the design and building of the new data centre in Barrie 
  • Secure thousands of existing R&D jobs at IBM in Ontario.

Led by the University of Toronto and Western University, seven Ontario universities are collaborating on this project, including: McMaster University, University of Ottawa, Queen's University, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and the University of Waterloo. 

The project will focus on specific research areas, including:

  • Health care data management: to help minimize duplication of information, increase accessibly of lifesaving information and help foster new healthcare treatments, such as technology that can help doctors detect life-threatening conditions in premature babies 24 hours earlier.
  • Urban challenges: to address and resolve issues associated with rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure and limited resources, such as better management of traffic lights to improve traffic flow.
  • Water conservation and management: to help address health problems related to water pollution and save customers money, such as reducing pollution in water systems by monitoring sewer systems and spotting problems in a pipeline before a leak occurs.
  • Energy monitoring and management: to further strengthen Ontario's role as a leader in smart grid and alternative energy distribution technology, such as finding better ways to track how hydro flows, reducing waste and saving customers money.

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