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Ontario Supports Local Innovation, Creates 70 Jobs

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Ontario Supports Local Innovation, Creates 70 Jobs

McGuinty Government Helps Bring Cutting-Edge Water Filtration System To Market

Ontario is helping Fibracast Ltd. bring to market made-in-Ontario technology that will help ensure clean water for families while creating up to 70 jobs.

The Ancaster-based company has developed an innovative membrane technology for purifying drinking water and treating wastewater that costs less than half as much to produce as competing products. As Fibracast's new purification system will be significantly less expensive than most non-membrane filtration technologies, it could become a product of choice for drinking water filtration, wastewater treatment, and industrial pure-water treatment.

Supporting made-in-Ontario technologies and helping build local businesses is part of the McGuinty government's plan to create a vibrant economy. A strong economy creates jobs for Ontarians and protects the services that matter most to Ontario families - health care and education.

Quick Facts

  • In March 2012, Ontario added more than 46,000 jobs, while unemployment fell to its lowest level in three years.
  • Ontario companies employ 22,000 people in good jobs selling water technology, expertise and services around the world.
  • Filtration membranes are becoming the standard for water and wastewater treatment in developed countries due to their exceptional ability to filter out most bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
  • The water technology sector is valued at more than $400 billion worldwide, doubling every five to six years.
  • Fibracast will begin commercial sales of its purification system in 2013.

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“Ontario is proud to support innovative companies like Fibracast that are turning innovative ideas into great jobs. We are proud to support the development of new technology that will ensure clean water, and create new, high-quality jobs in Ontario.”

Brad Duguid

Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

“The industry leaders of tomorrow are the companies that will provide solutions to global problems today. Fibracast is not only providing these solutions, but creating good jobs for Ontario families right here in Ancaster.”

Ted McMeekin

MPP, Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale

“Fibracast Ltd. selected Ontario for our global headquarters because it is the best place in the world to develop new technology. Ontario has an abundance of world-class engineering and manufacturing talent, which is supported by strong government programs to help new companies become established, innovate and launch breakthrough technologies. No successful technology development can be a 'one man show' anymore. Ontario offers a pool of local dynamic companies capable of working side by side with us and delivering state-of-the-art custom-made equipment.”

John Tomescu

Chief Executive Officer, Fibracast Ltd.

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