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Research Projects Funded in Toronto

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Research Projects Funded in Toronto

Ontario is supporting 17 research projects and more than 1,800 researchers at seven institutions in the Greater Toronto Area through the Ontario Research Fund-Research Infrastructure program. 

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Towards better diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses
Project title: Getting Better: Pathways to Progress in Brain Disease
Lead researcher: Bruce G. Pollock

Hospital for Sick Children

Studying how genes cause disease
Project title: Imaging the Mouse
Lead researcher: Mark Henkelman

Developing treatments tailored to individuals
Project title: The Centre for Applied Genomics: Paediatric Genomes to Outcomes
Lead researcher: Stephen W. Scherer

Ryerson University

A new way to find and treat cancer cells
Project title: Laboratory for Ultrafast Ultrasound and Optical Methods Used to Probe Cell and Tissue Structure and Function
Lead researcher: Michael Kolios

Sunnybrook Hospital

Identifying new drug candidates for treating cancer
Project title: Identification and Validation of Novel Drug Targets in Cells, Animals and Humans
Lead researcher: David Andrews

University Health Network

Advancing personalized cancer treatment
Project title: The Centre for Cancer Epigenomics: Advancing Personalized Medicine Through Epigenomics and Genomics
Lead researcher: John Dick

University of Toronto

Developing new tools to accelerate drug discovery
Project title: Development of Open-Access Research Tools for Epigenetics
Lead researcher: Cheryl Arrowsmith

Designing the next generation of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly gas turbines
Project title: High Pressure Blow-Down Facility for Gas Turbine Combustion Research
Lead researcher: Ömer L. Gülder

Getting critical new health technologies to patients faster
Project title: Centre for the Evaluation of Technological Innovation
Lead researcher: Murray Krahn

Developing materials with new qualities for health, energy and environmental applications
Project title: Ontario Centre for Characterisation of Advanced Materials
Lead researchers: Charles Mims and Doug Perovic

Revolutionizing the study of outer space
Project title: Technology and Instrument Developments for Space and Ground-based Astronomy
Lead researcher: Dae-Sik Moon

Using new technology to discover why the universe is expanding
Project title: A Digital Radio Telescope for CHIME: Making a 3D Map of the Largest Volume of the Universe to Date.
Lead researcher: Ue-Li Pen

Finding better ways to prevent and treat inflammatory diseases 
Project title: Host-Microbiome Research Network
Lead researcher: Dana Philpott

Advancing production of energy-efficient, low-cost solar cells
Project title: Nanomaterials for Energy
Lead researcher: Ted H. Sargent

Finding new ways to stop harmful organisms from growing in marine and healthcare settings
Project title: Centre for Biofouling Control
Lead researcher: Gilbert Walker

Using chemistry to tackle pressing problems in human health, pollution and manufacturing
Project title: Centre for Chemical Analysis
Lead researcher: Andrei K. Yudin

York University

Understanding how peripheral vision affects balance and movement
Project title: Full Field Vision and Spatial Orientation
Lead researcher: Laurence R. Harris

The Ontario Research Fund helps ensure that Ontario researchers have the facilities they need, enabling them to improve the lives of people in Ontario and around the world while strengthening Ontario's economy.

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