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Connecting Business with Research for a Competitive Edge

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Connecting Business with Research for a Competitive Edge

Ontario Launches Collaboration Voucher Program

Ontario is launching a new Collaboration Voucher program to give companies a competitive edge by connecting businesses with research institutions.

Through the program, eligible companies can apply for vouchers which can be redeemed for access to the expertise and knowledge at Ontario universities, colleges and research hospitals to help make their businesses more innovative and productive. Four types of vouchers are available:

  • Commercialization - to help companies launch new products

  • Innovation and Productivity - to help companies refine products and processes

  • E-Business - to help businesses take advantage of online tools to drive growth

  • Industry Association R&D Challenge - to enhance competitiveness across industry sectors

Helping businesses become more innovative, productive and competitive is part of the new Ontario government's plan to strengthen the economy and build a fair society for all. 

Quick Facts

  • Ontario Centres of Excellence is delivering the Collaboration Voucher Program on behalf of the province and is now accepting applications for all four components of the program. Visit the website for details.
  • The Collaboration Voucher program was a recommendation of the Jobs and Prosperity Council.
  • Last year Ontario ranked first for the number of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects among destination states/provinces in North America with a population of more than one million.

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“Our government is committed to promoting collaboration among our innovation partners to address global challenges, create jobs and help Ontario’s businesses get ahead. By connecting Ontario companies with our world-leading researchers and academic resources, the Collaboration Voucher program will help our businesses become more innovative, productive and competitive.”

Reza Moridi

Minister of Research and Innovation

“OCE is pleased to deliver the new Collaboration Voucher program on behalf of the Government of Ontario. This program speaks to the importance of industry-academic collaboration in keeping the province’s economy moving forward and complements OCE’s other programs in this area. The Collaboration Voucher program is going help Ontario businesses succeed by facilitating the transfer of knowledge from academic institutions to industry.”

Tom Corr

President and CEO, Ontario Centres of Excellence

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