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Research Projects Funded in Eastern Ontario

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Research Projects Funded in Eastern Ontario

Ontario is supporting 10 research projects at four institutions in eastern Ontario through the Ontario Research Fund-Research Infrastructure program.


Developing new ways to combat water pollution
Project title: New Horizons for Research at the Trent University Water Quality Centre Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Lead researcher: Holger Hintelmann
Trent University


Developing better ways to diagnose and treat brain diseases
Project title: Enhancement and Development of New Assessment Tools for Evaluation of Brain Function and Dysfunction
Lead researcher: Doug Munoz
Queen's University

Leading the world in learning more about how the universe began
Project title: Leading the Search for Dark Matter and Double Beta Decay: Improved Discovery Potential for DEAP-3600 and SNO+ Experiments
Lead researcher: Art McDonald
Queen's University

Reducing the costs of repairing and replacing underground pipes
Project title: Deterioration and Long-Term Performance of Buried Infrastructure
Lead researcher: Ian Moore
Queen's University

Getting new GI treatments to patients faster
Project title: Human Laboratory for the Study and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders
Lead researcher: Stephen Vanner
Queen's University

Developing ways to make Canada's aging bridges safer
Project title: Moving Load Facility for Assessment of Bridge Strength and Durability
Lead researcher: Amir Z. Fam
Queen's University

Solving the mysteries of dark matter to understand the universe
Project title: SuperCDMS at SNOLAB: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Universe
Lead researcher: Wolfgang Rau
Queen's University


Building a state-of-the-art digital storage system to preserve Inuit and First Nations knowledge
Project title: A Distributed Data Management Infrastructure for Indigenous Knowledge Research with Inuit and First Nations Communities
Lead researcher: D.R. Fraser Taylor
Carleton University

Applying photonics to real-world needs in communications, solar energy and medical imaging
Project title: Centre for Advanced Photonics: Translating Discovery to Innovation
Lead researcher: Robert Boyd
University of Ottawa

Converting biomass into energy to meet growing global demand
Project title: Sustainable Chemical Synthesis from Renewable Feedstocks
Lead researcher: R. Tom Baker
University of Ottawa

The Ontario Research Fund helps ensure the province's researchers have the facilities they need to conduct cutting-edge research that improves lives while strengthening the economy.

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