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Research Projects Funded in Southwestern Ontario

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Research Projects Funded in Southwestern Ontario

Ontario is supporting 12 research projects at five institutions throughout southwestern Ontario through the Ontario Research Fund-Research Infrastructure program.


Using DNA barcording to help understand the world's ecosystem

Project title: Digital Biodiversity - From DNA Barcode Libraries to Applications
Lead researcher: Paul Hebert
University of Guelph


Developing a new CT scan for earlier detection of cardiovascular disease and cancer
Project title: A Large Area Detector Dual Energy CT Scanner for Low Radiation Dose
Functional Imaging Research in Oncology and Cardiology
Lead researchers: Ting-Yim Lee, Glenn Bauman, James White
St. Joseph's Health Care

Developing new methods for diagnosing and treating hearing loss

Project title: National Centre for Audiology
Lead researcher: Prudence Allen
The University of Western Ontario

Protecting our migratory birds
Project title: AFAR Takes Flight: New Technologies to Study Global-, Regional-, and Local-Scale Movement Ecology of Free-Living Birds
Lead researcher: Christopher G. Guglielmo
The University of Western Ontario

Advancing imaging technology to diagnose brain damage at an earlier stage
Project title: Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping
Lead researcher: Ravi Menon
The University of Western Ontario

Developing effective new therapies for bone and joint problems
Project title: Facility for Load-Bearing Imaging, Biomechanics and Clinical Orthopaedics Research (LIBCOR)
Lead researcher: David W. Holdsworth
The University of Western Ontario

Developing implanted medical devices that are compatible with MRI systems
Project title: Centre for the Development and Testing of MR-Compatible Medical Devices and Technology
Lead researcher: Blaine A. Chronik
The University of Western Ontario


Positioning Ontario as a leader in communications technologies of the future

Project title: Facility for Global Quantum Communication and Security Certification
Lead researcher: Thomas Jennewein
University of Waterloo

Developing new materials to advance Ontario's clean technology sector
Project title: Ontario Materials Technology: Harnessing the Power of Strategic Multifunctional Materials for Emerging Clean Technologies
Lead researcher: Tong Leung
University of Waterloo

Advancing Internet security and privacy
Project title: Privacy Enhancing Technologies at a Global Scale
Lead researcher: Ian Goldberg
University of Waterloo

Building the next generation of smart, green vehicles
Project title: Green and Intelligent Automotive (GAIA) Research Facility
Lead researcher: John McPhee
University of Waterloo


Developing effective methods to protect our Great Lakes for future generations

Project title: Environmental Stressors in the Great Lakes: Assessment, Functional Analysis and Remediation
Lead researcher: Daniel Heath
University of Windsor

The Ontario Research Fund helps ensure the province's researchers have the facilities they need to conduct cutting-edge research that improves lives while strengthening the economy.

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