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Supporting Research and Innovation in Health Technology Sector

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Supporting Research and Innovation in Health Technology Sector

Ontario Creates New Council to Study Sector Innovation

Ontario is helping create jobs in the province's growing health technology sector through the Ontario Health Innovation Council to bring new health care products to market, in partnership with Ontario's health care system. 

The newly formed council will help to enhance the province's world renowned health technology sector by developing recommendations to:

  • Identify opportunities for Ontario's small- and medium-sized businesses to participate in global and domestic markets for health innovations.
  • Adapt best practices of other jurisdictions with overarching health technology innovation strategies, including the United States, United Kingdom and European Union in order to strengthen Ontario's plan.
  • Expand the adoption of new technologies across health care settings to improve quality of care and value for health care investments.

Fostering health innovation is part of the government's economic plan to create jobs and help people in their everyday lives by investing in people, building modern infrastructure and supporting a dynamic business climate across Ontario.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is the country’s research hub for the health technology sector, generating $9.1 billion annually — 50 per cent of the sector’s economy.
  • Ontario has invested more than $3.8 billion in research and innovation to attract talent and investment, provide global solutions and create good jobs since 2003.
  • The province’s medical devices sector employs more than 17,000 people in 900 manufacturing firms, accounting for 49 per cent of total Canadian medical devices employment.
  • In North America, Ontario ranks second behind California for number of life sciences companies.

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“Ontario’s future prosperity relies on research and innovation – and we have the expertise to grow the health technology sector with domestic and international impact. A healthy research ecosystem is a critical part of this, and the Ontario Health Innovation Council will help us to achieve that goal.”

Reza Moridi

Minister of Research and Innovation

“Ontario’s capacity to provide the best care and get value for our precious health dollars depends on harnessing our strengths in health research and innovation. The Ontario Health Innovation Council will help us improve the quality of care while creating valuable new jobs.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

“Health care is driven by people who share a passion to provide the best possible care to the people we serve. The Ontario Health Innovation Council will work to inspire better, more innovative ways to provide healthcare solutions through the frontiers of research and discovery. I am thrilled to lead a team of experts who will contribute to change for the better – better for Ontario, better for the world.”

Dr. Dave Williams

President and CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre

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