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Expanding Ontario's Nuclear Expertise in China

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Expanding Ontario's Nuclear Expertise in China

Global Energy Partnerships Support Jobs in Ontario

Ontario is building partnerships with China's nuclear power sector to create jobs at home.

A delegation of Ontario nuclear organizations begins its official program in China today, meeting with officials from Chinese government agencies and nuclear research, design and manufacturing organizations. The delegation will promote the export of Ontario-grown nuclear industry expertise, products and services to the Chinese market.

The mission is based around the Nuclear Industry China trade show and arranged by the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI). The Ontario delegation is led by Reza Moridi, Minister of Research and Innovation.

The mission supports Ontario's Going Global Trade Strategy that is helping companies grow their exports in high-potential markets while promoting Ontario's brand around the world.

Helping Ontario companies access new global markets is part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow. The comprehensive plan and its six priorities focus on Ontario's greatest strengths--its people and strategic partnerships.

Quick Facts

  • The current nuclear mission builds on the success of the recent China innovation mission that resulted in 12 collaboration projects between Ontario, Chinese research institutions and industry partners, plus announcements from two Chinese companies of plans to establish operations in the province.
  • Ontario’s first nuclear reactor went into service in 1962. Today, about 60 per cent of Ontario’s power is generated by nuclear energy.
  • Minister Moridi’s background is as a nuclear physicist—prior to joining the Ontario government, he was Vice-President and Chief Scientist at the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada.
  • In 2014, Ontario will become a coal-free jurisdiction for energy generation. Eliminating coal-fired electricity in Ontario is equivalent to taking seven million cars off the road.
  • According to the Conference Board of Canada, every $100 million increase in exports creates approximately 1,000 new jobs.

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“As China seeks to generate more power for its growing economy, while simultaneously addressing air quality concerns, Ontario’s pioneering nuclear sector is ideally positioned to be a value-added supply chain partner. By promoting Ontario innovation on the world stage we can support a better quality of life for all and strengthen our economy at home.”

Reza Moridi

Minister of Research and Innovation

“Ontario’s broad range of industry and technology specializations is among our greatest economic strengths. As a government, we are working to strengthen these sectors at home while helping to boost their presence globally. Across the world, Ontario expertise is held in high regard and this is supporting job creation in communities across the province.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment

“Reliable, emissions-free and cost-effective, nuclear energy remains a cornerstone of Ontario's updated Long-Term Energy Plan for clean, dependable and affordable energy for Ontarians. I’m proud that Ontario’s heritage as a nuclear pioneer is being showcased globally and at home we’re building on this success by committing to the refurbishment of the Darlington and Bruce nuclear units.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Energy

“Our nuclear industry has a full range of capabilities to help China meet its expanding energy needs. Emerging partnerships between Canadian and Chinese companies bring together complementary nuclear expertise, capital resources and a shared vision of new markets and opportunities for both countries.”

Ron Oberth

President, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries

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