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Support for: Helping Businesses Take New Technologies to Global Markets

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Support for: Helping Businesses Take New Technologies to Global Markets

"We are pleased to once again be entrusted with delivering a program that will give Ontario businesses a leg up in the global marketplace. The technology, the resources and support, and the associated programs, internships, fellowships and demonstration projects offered by the I3 Project will make Ontario's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem a global force."

-- Michael Nobrega, Chair of the Board, Ontario Centres of Excellence

"Access to high performance computing resources is a vital component to building a vibrant tech startup ecosystem. Our startups are building technologies that are competing with companies across the globe. Having the most advanced computing resources is a significant competitive advantage. This partnership will go long way in making Ontario more competitive in the knowledge economy."

-- Bilal Khan, Managing Director, OneEleven

"This new initiative by the Government of Ontario, Ontario Centres of Excellence and IBM means startup companies like ours will be able to push our research and development even further through increased access to high performance computing. Our functioning brain model, the largest in the world, was able to benefit from the Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) and allowed our company to advance our work in the area of artificial intelligence in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. Now, more companies working in complex computational environments will get a chance to do likewise.‎"

-- Peter Suma, Chairman, Co-CEO and Co-founder, Applied Brain Research

"The I3 Project is the next level of bringing high performance computing to small and medium-sized businesses in Ontario. For the past four years we have worked with our partners at IBM, Ontario Centres of Excellence and our 14 academic institution members to ensure that the latest and greatest technologies are accessible in order to fuel innovation leadership in Canada. We look forward to working with the I3 Project to continue that important work."

-- Vivek Goel, Vice-President, Research & Innovation, University of Toronto and Co-Chair, Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform

"The province's I3 Project provides an opportunity for the Regional Innovation Centres across the province to work with our clients to get them access to computing resources that meet their needs. This initiative enhances the existing relationship that ventureLAB has with OCE and IBM Canada, supporting a Markham-based cluster of clients harnessing the power of data and analytics to develop innovative products and services. The combination of our frontline service delivery and the technical resources and supports of the I3 project will give Ontario's small and medium-sized businesses a real boost in the global market."

-- Jeremy Laurin, President and CEO ventureLAB

"IBM has been a long-term valued partner at Invest Ottawa. We are excited about participating in this collaborative province-wide initiative to build more innovation capacity leveraging IBM Watson since we are only scratching the surface on what capabilities and potential problems it can solve. Ottawa startups will also benefit from our local universities who have been developing our next generation of IBM Watson Analytics talent."

-- Jon Milne, Managing Director, Innovation, Invest Ottawa

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