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Support for the Red Tape Challenge

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Support for the Red Tape Challenge

"The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is encouraged to see the Ontario Government taking steps to reduce the regulatory burden through the launch of the Red Tape Challenge. Last summer, the OCC called on the province to adopt a crowd-sourced approach to regulatory change, where the public could submit comments and suggest changes to the regulations that impact them. I would like to recognize the province for making burden reduction a priority. By seeking new opportunities to reduce the cumulative regulatory burden on businesses, we are helping to grow Ontario's economy."   

- Allan O'Dette, President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

"The launch of the Red Tape Challenge reaffirms the Ontario government's leadership to reduce the regulatory burden on small business. This online tool will allow business owners from different economic sectors to share their frustrations about key red tape irritants that impact their operations. CFIB remains committed to work with the province to translate these efforts into tangible, measurable and lasting regulatory relief." 

- Plamen Petkov, Vice President, Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

"Industry changes at the pace of the market - that requires a public partner that works at a similar speed to ensure it does not slow the path of growth while maintaining a responsible and safe regulatory regime. The Red Tape Challenge is a meaningful exercise in facilitating the most efficient path to success in an increasingly competitive global market. " 

- Flavio Volpe, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA)

"I am optimistic that the launch of the Red Tape Challenge will help improve the regulatory environment for SMEs in Ontario. With such important decisions to be made, this crowd-sourced platform is a perfect way to survey those who are most affected by redundant or unnecessary regulations and allow them to make suggestions that will reduce red tape. We are happy that ourauto parts manufacturing sector was chosen as the first one for review and look forward to seeing the results of this long-term initiative implemented to make Ontario an even better place to do business."

- Michael Bilton, Co-Chair, Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM)

"Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters welcomes the government's commitment and actions to improve Ontario's regulatory system to remove barriers to growth and create a more competitive environment for manufacturers. The Red Tape Challenge is an excellent example and vehicle to engage business to develop practical solutions to regulatory impediments."

- Ian Howcroft, Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters - Ontario (CME)

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