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Supporting New Discoveries at the University Health Network

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Supporting New Discoveries at the University Health Network

Ontario's investments are supporting 250 ground-breaking research projects across the province, including over $4.2 million to deliver 13 projects at the University Health Network (UHN). UHN has received funding for 78 projects worth over $127 million since 2003.

Examples of projects being supported at UHN include:

Early Researcher Awards

Novel Immune Mechanisms of Obesity Related Insulin Resistance and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Lead researcher, Dr. Daniel Winer, will focus on developing innovative new approaches to diagnose and treat liver disease and diabetes. Obesity, insulin resistance and fatty liver disease precede diabetes and are major global health concerns.

Automatic Remote Assessment of Dementia from Speech
Assessing Alzheimer's disease (AD) and dementia is a very expensive and laborious process. By analyzing hundreds of linguistic features and using advanced artificial intelligence, lead researcher, Dr. Frank Rudzicz, is developing software that can identify Alzheimer's disease from short speech samples.

Ontario Research Fund - Research Infrastructure

SleepdB: A Sound-proof Laboratory to Examine Sleep-disordered Breathing
Lead researcher, Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi, will examine sleep-related respiratory diseases like sleep apnea and asthma using SleepdB, a sound-proof sleep laboratory that uses acoustic-based methods.

Vision: Two-photon Imaging System for Research in Retinal Development, Injury and Repair
Lead researcher, Dr. Valerie Wallace, will explore the mechanisms that influence retinal development, injury and repair, in order to develop new strategies for treating vision loss.

Genomic Applications Partnership Program

SIRPαFc: Translating Genomics Research into a Novel Cancer Immunotherapy
Lead researcher, Dr. Jean Wang, and in partnership with the Hospital for Sick Children and Trillium Therapeutics Inc., will commercialize a world-class therapy (SIRPαFc) to kill leukemia cells and help improve patient survival. 

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