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Support for the Burden Reduction Act, 2016

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Support for the Burden Reduction Act, 2016

"The Burden Reduction Act will support the growth of Ontario's economy by removing many of the regulatory barriers that are challenging businesses in this province. Modernizing government and removing red tape are essential to innovation and growth. The Chamber Network has been a champion for many of the changes brought forward in this legislation, from maintaining the industrial exception to streamlining the delivery of superload. We encourage the business community to continue to push government to support burden reduction through participation in the Red Tape Challenge."

- Allan O'Dette, President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce 

"The Ontario government continues to demonstrate that it is committed to reducing the regulatory burden on small business in the province. By amending several existing acts, the Burden Reduction Act lays the groundwork for achieving real and measurable regulatory relief."

- Plamen Petkov, Vice President Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

"The elimination of the industrial exception has been a major risk for manufacturers and we are very pleased to see that the government has moved to permanently retain this important exception. This will help to ensure Ontario's competitive position and continue to support a culture in which safety is everyone's priority. It is an example of how business and government can work together to develop a regulatory system that focuses on goals and results which reduces red tape and unnecessary burdens."

- Ian Howcroft, Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters - Ontario

"The Burden Reduction Act recognizes that Ontario manufacturing competes in a globally competitive market that now operates in a modern digital business environment. Making the industrial exemption permanent provides long term clarity in an ever changing business environment by reducing regulatory complexity and cost, and avoiding a drag on productivity and competitiveness -- all of which contributes to a more positive investment climate in Ontario."

- Mark Nantais, President, Canadian Motor Vehicle Manufacturers' Association 

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