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Support for: Ontario Invests Nearly $100 Million to Boost Cleantech Innovation and Create Jobs

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Support for: Ontario Invests Nearly $100 Million to Boost Cleantech Innovation and Create Jobs

"This is a major step toward addressing the urgent issue of climate change while at the same time opening up vast new opportunities for entrepreneurs with creative technology solutions. We can also look forward to the very positive impact on our economy and the creation of new high quality jobs."

--   Dr. Tom Corr,  President and CEO, Ontario Centres of Excellence

"The implementation of a provincewide climate change strategy comes at an important time for Ontario's economy. It is imperative that, throughout this process, the provincial government works collaboratively with the business community to ensure a strong economic future for the province. Ontario businesses need programs to streamline their operations through this transitional period, and the Ontario Green Investment Fund will help provide that support."

--   Allan O'Dette, President and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

"CME is pleased to deliver a new Green Smart program to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in a way that makes business sense. This grant program will support technological progress that benefits the environment and improves competitiveness for small and medium-sized enterprises."

--   Ian Howcroft, Vice President, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Ontario

"The Green Investment Fund is an important tool to help Ontario residents and businesses save money and reduce carbon emissions by making their homes and businesses more energy efficient. And chemistry provides the sustainable solutions to meet those needs with innovative, high-efficiency construction materials such as insulation and engineered window frames and glazing -- products that can immediately contribute to Ontario's green investment efforts."

--   Bob Masterson, President and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

"As an Ontario company committed to developing new technologies to increase the effectiveness of solar energy technology in Ontario and internationally, Morgan Solar is excited about the Green Investment Fund. Morgan Solar is a previous recipient of the Ministry of Research and Innovation's Innovation Demonstration Fund, and not only did the previous fund enable us to expand our research footprint in Ontario and hire additional scientists and engineers, but it helped us attract millions in foreign investment. Our company and the innovations we're currently offering the market are an example of the results previous Ontario funding initiatives have helped support, and we're thrilled that they are furthering their commitment with this new fund."

--   Nicolas Morgan, Co-founder and Vice President Business Development and Marketing, Morgan Solar Inc. 

"We appreciate Ontario's vision for a clean and healthy environment and the leadership role it plays in combating climate change. The CME Green Smart program would go a long way in driving climate change implementation and at the same time enhancing Ontario manufacturers' competitiveness by funding initiatives in the private sector to deploy technologies, innovations and equipment that reduce GHG emissions in the province."

--   Joe Loparco, Co-President, AGS Automotive Systems

"This is a strong example of how investments in the environment will also pay off in terms of economic growth, innovation, and productivity. In continuing to take a leadership role on this front, the Ontario government is ensuring the province will enhance its competitiveness to capture global markets for its leading edge clean technology."

--   Michael Nobrega, Chair of the Board, Ontario Centres of Excellence

"Increasing the collaboration between cleantech companies and Ontario industry is a good thing. Our province is already home to thousands of innovative companies that help our industries become more environmentally efficient and competitive. The solutions this program could help develop will find a market not just across Canada, but in jurisdictions around the world that are facing the challenge of climate change."

--   Alex Gill, Executive Director, Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA)

"Innovative technologies hold the key to simultaneously reducing GHG emissions and energy costs. Ontario's Green Investment Fund will assist Ontario clean technology companies to accelerate the deployment of these solutions, as well as capitalize on the market opportunities for export globally."

--   Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO, Hydrostor Inc.

"As an early stage clean air technology company, support from the Government of Ontario is critical to our success. Programs like the Green Investment Fund augment the working capital we have raised from investors to commercialize our smart induction heating technology. Residents of Ontario need clean air to breathe, and with innovations like the one we developed at Advanced Technology Emission Solutions, the future looks promising. We applaud the government for recognizing the important role they play."

--   Anthony Hardenne, President and CEO, Advanced Technology Emission Solutions Inc.

"Ontario's Green Investment Fund (GIF) will act as a real catalyst towards meeting the province's bold greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments. For made-in-Ontario solutions such as Temporal Power's flywheel energy storage systems, funding like GIF helps establish initial showcase accounts to demonstrate Ontario ingenuity, uses domestic successes to launch exports of our technology abroad, and strengthens local supply chains for subassemblies and services for the Ontario clean technology sector."

--   Eric Murray, President and CEO, Temporal Power Ltd.

"Ontario has a key role to play in helping traditional industry with high GHG emissions, to transform itself and address climate change. Woodland's waste to fuel technology, for example, results in up to a 92 per cent reduction in GHG emissions as compared to gasoline. Ontario's new Green Investment Fund will help industry make the transition to a new environmentally responsible world. This is just another example of how Ontario is taking a leading role in addressing climate change in North America."

--   Greg Nuttall, President and CEO, Woodland Biofuels Inc.

"Additional investment into Canada's clean energy initiative will further inspire local engineers, manufacturers and consumers to embrace more successful projects like the smart grid, solar powered, EV charging station at York University. In that application, Silfab Solar worked closely with valuable local partners and donated high efficiency solar PV modules designed and built right here in Ontario, now powering shared electrical vehicles used by students and faculty."

--   Paolo Maccario, COO, Silfab Solar

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