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Supporting Researchers and New Discoveries Across Ontario

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Supporting Researchers and New Discoveries Across Ontario

Ontario is providing a total of $10.78 million in support of 77 researchers at 17 research institutions across the province, including:

Carleton University ($420,000) - Ottawa

Three projects funded, including research to address electric vehicle charging challenges in Ontario, research that will investigate youth's experiences of cyber-crime and police response, and a comparative study of how to best form migration policy to support innovation in Ontario.

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute Inc. ($280,000) - Ottawa

Two projects funded, including research to help youth with arthritis and their parents make informed and personalized decisions about pain management options.

Laurentian University ($140,000) - Sudbury

One research project funded, which will develop cost-effective ways to recover metals and reduce environmental impacts from mine wastes using energy-efficient biological methods and genomics tools.

McMaster University ($980,000) - Hamilton

Seven projects funded, including dance technologies to help treat people with Parkinson's disease, neuroscience research to understand how exercise promotes brain function and reduces the risk of dementia, and research that will encourage the sustainable use of treated wastewater and wastewater biosolids in Ontario.

Nipissing University ($140,000) - North Bay

One research project funded. The proposed research combines theory and methodology from social, experimental, and personality psychology, endocrinology, neuroscience, and behavioural pharmacology, with the ultimate goal of detailing the complex mechanisms giving rise to individual differences in human intra- and inter- sexual aggression.

Ryerson University ($140,000) - Toronto

Ontario is investing in one research project aimed at developing and testing building system prototypes that integrate innovative materials with high thermal performance to achieve significant energy savings in Canadian buildings.

St. Michael's Hospital ($560,000) - Toronto

Four projects funded, including research to improve brain blood flow and function after cardiac arrest, and innovative strategies to build healthcare capacity to deliver evidence-based new HIV prevention technologies.

Sunnybrook Research Institute ($140,000) - Toronto

One research project funded, which will examine the links between sleep and brain health in working-age Ontarians.

University Health Network ($280,000) - Toronto

Two projects funded, including research to develop new technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and a project to facilitate the delivery of rehabilitation care to individuals with spinal cord injury through wearable technology.

University of Guelph ($420,000) - Guelph

Three projects funded, including research that will look at how dietary supplements for cancer patients effect cancer treatment and a project that will use high-performance computers to address many distinct areas of nuclear physics, such as atomic gases, stars and nuclei.

University of Ottawa ($1,120,000) - Ottawa

Ontario is investing in eight projects, including spatial and epidemiological approaches for maternal and child health research in Ethiopia and research to develop personalized screening tools and targeted therapies for preeclampsia.

University of Ottawa Heart Institute ($140,000) - Ottawa

One research project funded, which will explore innovative therapeutic approaches for cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders).

University of Toronto ($2,100,000) - Toronto

Ontario is supporting 15 projects, including research to develop safe, high-performance robots, and research to better understand chemical reactions on metallic surfaces, which could lead to globally significant advances in clean and renewable energy, and the removal of excessive carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

University of Waterloo ($2,520,000) - Waterloo

Ontario is investing in 18 projects, including research to develop next-generation LCDs for emerging applications, such as mobile touchscreens and digital light sources for 3D printers, through simulation-based advanced manufacturing methods, in collaboration with BlackBerry Ltd and Xerox Corp.

Western University ($700,000) - London

Five projects funded, including research that examines the characterization of intestinal stem cells in colorectal cancer and research that evaluates the impact of social media technology on mental health awareness.

York University ($560,000) - Toronto

Four projects funded, including research to understand how climate change affects water quality in Ontario and research that will explore how fortified snacks positioned as healthy alternatives can lead to overconsumption. 

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