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Ontario Releases Global Trade Strategy

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Ontario Releases Global Trade Strategy

Seizing Global Opportunities is a Blueprint for Long-Term Growth, Success

Ontario is taking action to grow and diversify the province's international presence and to position Ontario as a leader in global trade.

Ontario's Global Trade Strategy, Seizing Global Opportunities, which was released today, outlines actions to boost the province's international trade performance and help Ontario businesses benefit from the global economy. It also provides a framework for Ontario's work with the federal government to ensure that free trade agreements reflect and protect the interests of the province's businesses and workers.

The strategy will help deepen Ontario's footprint in key international markets and grow the province's capacity to help businesses expand globally. With more Ontario representation across the world, Ontario businesses can establish international market presence, access business intelligence and seize the opportunities of global trade. In addition, more tools, programs and resources will also be available to help Ontario businesses currently or planning to do business internationally.

Growing Ontario's businesses and helping them compete internationally is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • International and interprovincial trade of goods and services represents 50 per cent of Ontario’s GDP.
  • Ontario is a leader in many sectors, including information and communication technology, advanced manufacturing, financial technology, agrifood and agritech, automotive, aerospace, artificial intelligence, automotive, medtech and aerospace.
  • Ontario’s Global Trade Strategy sets out four priorities to increase the province’s international trade performance over the next five years.
  • Over the past 10 years, global trade in services has grown faster than trade in goods, and in 2016, it represented 23 per cent of the world’s combined global trade in goods and services.
  • Ontario will continue to take a leadership role in the development and negotiation of trade agreements with the federal government to ensure Ontario’s businesses and workers are protected.

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“This trade strategy will help businesses diversify their exports, and will help to make valuable connections by expanding their global footprint. By working together, we can support a stronger provincial economy – one that reflects today’s economic and technological realities, and one that allows us to grow our trade and create economic opportunities for future generations.”

Michael Chan

Minister of International Trade

“Small businesses play a vital role in our province’s economy, and we are ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace. Ontario’s new Global Trade Strategy will help main street businesses and entrepreneurs scale up, grow and create good jobs in Ontario.”

Jeff Leal

Minister Responsible for Small Business

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