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Ontario's Actions To Seize Global Trade Opportunities

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Ontario's Actions To Seize Global Trade Opportunities

Ontario's Global Trade Strategy, Seizing Global Opportunities, is a five-year strategic framework that outlines how Ontario is taking action to grow and diversify our international presence and position our province as a leader in global trade. Our new Global Trade Strategy reflects the province's commitment to create jobs and growth through strong global trade partnerships. 

This includes offering programs and services that support Ontario businesses to better understand the benefits of accessing international markets to help grow their businesses. The Strategy also provides a framework for Ontario's work with the federal government to ensure that international free trade agreements reflect and protect the interests of our province's businesses and workers.

Implementation of Ontario's Global Trade Strategy over the next several years includes:

  • Streamlining access to resources that will help Ontario companies grow their business through trade;
  • Introducing enhanced exporter preparation workshops and increasing capacity of one-on-one advisory services for Ontario businesses;
  • Identifying priority sectors and markets with more strategic analyses to facilitate partnerships for Ontario businesses and increase their global market share;
  • Leveraging incoming international business delegations to enhance connections with Ontario businesses;
  • Building new trade metrics and expanding databases to effectively inform analysis and decision-making on key international trade issues;
  • Taking a leadership role by working closely with international partners to ensure Ontario's economic interests are strongly represented in international trade agreements and negotiations; and
  • Building an inclusive trade ecosystem that reduces barriers and creates opportunities for all segments of society to take an active role in the global trading system.

For more information about the programs and services that are in place, visit Ontario.ca/export.

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