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Projects Supported Through the Ontario Research Fund

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Projects Supported Through the Ontario Research Fund

Ontario is investing in 53 large-scale, collaborative research projects through the Ontario Research Fund.


University of Guelph

The Canadian Peoples ($697,893)
Lead researcher: Kris Inwood


McMaster University

The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy Phase 2 ($5,555,535)
Lead researcher: Gianluigi Botton

The Good Bugs, Bad Bugs Program ($5,975,793)
Lead researcher: Eric David Brown

High-Momentum and High-Luminosity Muon Beamlines for Molecular and Materials Science and Fundamental Muon Physics ($790,944)
Lead researcher: Graeme Luke

The CRDCN Transition to High Performance Computing: Liberating Data for Research and Policy ($1,101,692)
Lead researcher: Byron Spencer


Queen's University

PICO-500 A New Ultra-Sensitive Dark Matter Detector for SNOLAB ($1,247,497)
Lead researcher: Anthony J. Noble


The University of Western Ontario

The Physical and Chemical Degradation of Materials ($4,471,622)
Lead researcher: David Shoesmith

New Horizons in Human Cognitive Neuroscience Research at the Brain and Mind Institute ($1,476,122)
Lead researcher: Melvyn A. Goodale

Minimally-invasive Surgery and Therapy ($2,712,913)
Lead researcher: Terry Peters

Infectious Disease Pathogenesis Facility for the Study of Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases ($3,196,098)
Lead researcher: Eric Arts

Facility for Microcirculatory Imaging and Tissue Analytics ($1,969,251)
Lead researcher: Geoffrey Pickering


Carleton University

Carleton University Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CU-CABER) ($2,100,000)
Lead researcher: Cynthia Cruickshank

Facility for Development of Noble Liquid Detectors and Optical Readout for Subatomic Physics and Particle Astrophysics ($2,700,000)
Lead researcher: Mark Guy Boulay

University of Ottawa

Infrastructure to Support the Discovery and Development of Innovative Viroceuticals ($1,900,000)
Lead researcher: John C. Bell

National Facility for Seismic Imaging ($700,000)
Lead researcher: Pascal Audet

microSTARR - Ultra Sensitive Tracer Analysis for Radioisotope Research ($3,728,375)
Lead researcher: Jack Cornett

St. Catharines

Brock University

CCOVI's Expanded Fermentation, Wine Flavour and Consumer Behaviour Facilities ($960,099)
Lead researcher: Debra Inglis

Thunder Bay

Lakehead University

SmartForests Canada: A network of monitoring plots and plantations for modeling and adapting forests to climate change ($146,000)
Lead researcher: Han Chen


Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Memory as a Dynamic System (DyMnemo): implications for aging, clinical interventions, and technological innovations. ($1,861,828)
Lead researcher: Jennifer Ryan

Ryerson University

Centre for Food Innovation and Nutrition Discovery ($1,898,200)
Lead researcher: Dérick Rousseau

Facility for Aircraft Interiors Research (FAIR) ($744,631)
Lead researcher: Fengfeng (Jeff) Xi

Sinai Health System

From Cells to Tissues: Spatiotemporal Modeling of Organogenesis in Health and Disease ($4,880,765)
Lead researcher: Laurence Pelletier

Toronto Perinatal Brain Protection Research Collaboration ($937,305)
Lead researcher: Shoo K. Lee

Sunnybrook Research Institute

Preclinical Platform Expansion for Cardiovascular Interventions: Electrophysiology and Regenerative Medicine ($869,131)
Lead researcher: Graham A. Wright

Combined MRI-Linac Ultrasound Therapy Instrumentation ($3,341,552)
Lead researcher: Gregory J. Czarnota

Advanced Neurotherapeutics involving MRI Guidance of Transcranial Focused Ultrasound ($2,510,000)
Lead researcher: Kullervo Hynynen

The Hospital for Sick Children

3D-ORG: 3D screening infrastructure for tissue ORGanoids and model ORGanisms ($1,409,429)
Lead researcher: Daniela Rotin

Electron Microscopy to Advance 3-dimensional Study of Cells in Health and Disease ($2,577,371)
Lead researcher: John H. Brumell

Resource for High-resolution High-throughput Biomolecular cryo-EM ($4,928,905)
Lead researcher: John Lennard Rubinstein

Infrastructure for the Analysis of Disease Proteins ($3,450,693)
Lead researcher: Michael Moran

University Health Network

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Precision Medicine Program ($11,807,165)
Lead researcher: Bradley G. Wouters

The CenteR for Advancing Neurotechnological Innovation to Application (CRANIA) ($6,540,000)
Lead researcher: Milos R. Popovic

University of Toronto

Smart City Internet of Things Testbed ($450,000)
Lead researcher: Alberto Leon-Garcia

Q-Cell: Quantitative single cell and cell population analysis to link genotype to phenotype ($2,760,000)
Lead researcher: Brenda Andrews

Unlocking the Radio Sky with Next-Generation Survey Astronomy ($1,312,565)
Lead researcher: Bryan Gaensler

The Fibrosis Network ($2,550,039)
Lead researcher: Christopher McCulloch

Mega-Scale Multi-Dimensional Experimental Facility for Enhancing Canada's Infrastructure Resilience ($6,656,318)
Lead researcher: Constantin Christopoulos

Translating synaptic plasticity using advanced optophysiology ($5,710,000)
Lead researcher: Graham Collingridge

Ontario-Quebec Center for Organ-on-a-Chip Engineering ($3,691,783)
Lead researcher: Milica Radisic

Lab-in-Fibre: Smart glass probing and distributed sensing microsystems ($1,950,000)
Lead researcher: Peter Herman

Gemini IRMOS: A Pathfinder for the Thirty Meter Telescope's Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph ($2,600,000)
Lead researcher: Suresh Sivanandam

Thermoelectric Materials Research Consortium ($703,500)
Lead researcher: Young-June Kim


University of Waterloo

Next Generation Joining Technologies ($1,925,191)
Lead researcher: Adrian Gerlich

Canadian Additive Manufacturing Network (Can-AMN): A Network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing ($2,275,417)
Lead researcher: Ehsan Toyserkani

Wetland Ecosystem Terrain Systems Simulator (WetSyS) ($1,083,524)
Lead researcher: Jonathan S. Price

Photonic Quantum Circuits - The Integration of Atomic and Solid-State Quantum Systems ($960,000)
Lead researcher: Kyung Soo Choi

Transportation Lightweighting for Clean, Efficient Vehicles and Human Protection ($861,091)
Lead researcher: Michael Worswick

Quantum Communications Payload Operations Centre ($338,601)
Lead researcher: Thomas Jennewein

Facility for Functionally Advanced Sensor Technology ($2,852,298)
Lead researcher: William S. Wong

Advanced Infrastructure for Dynamic Imaging and Control of Complex Systems -ALLS+ ($290,230)
Lead researcher: Joseph Sanderson

RoboDrive: Waterloo Autonomous Driving and Driver Assistance Research Facility ($1,934,865)
Lead researcher: Steven Waslander

Airborne Cryospheric SAR (CryoSAR) System ($493,158)
Lead researcher: Richard Kelly


University of Windsor

Real-time Aquatic Ecosystem Observation Network ($6,300,000)
Lead researcher: Aaron T. Fisk 

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