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Eastern Ontario Entrepreneurs Innovate and Grow the Economy

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Eastern Ontario Entrepreneurs Innovate and Grow the Economy

Ministry of Economic Development and Growth

Investments under the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) have helped eastern Ontario's economy and allowed local companies to access new markets at home and abroad.

The following organizations are partnering with the province through the EODF to help innovate and grow their operations, facilities and/or markets:


  • Proctor & Gamble Inc. is expanding its Belleville plant to support the introduction of a new consumer product in the global market. The expansion includes the purchase of new equipment and the addition of approximately 100,000 square feet. This project will help create 40 new jobs and retain 652 jobs.
  • EPC Industries Limited/PolyCello, a flexible packaging manufacturer, is expanding its production operations to accommodate new plastic materials and increase its competitiveness. This project will help create 16 new jobs and retain 39 jobs.
  • GH Günther Huettlin Manufacturing Inc., a packaging company, is modernizing its production operations to convert printed plastic film into plastic packaging for a multinational customer. This project will help create 10 new jobs and retain 36 jobs.



  • 3M Canada, a world-class innovative centre for the research and development of new technologies and products, is investing in its manufacturing facility to expand production of filters for high-performance respirators. This project will help create 12 new jobs and retain 90 jobs.



  • Protoplast Inc., a supplier of moulds and plastic parts to the manufacturing sector, is expanding its facilities and modernizing its operations to develop a new, environmentally friendly fuel container designed to eliminate spills and minimize the release of fuel vapour when fuel is transferred to small engines such as lawnmowers or boat motors. This project will help create 20 new jobs and retain 80 jobs.


Hastings County

  • Hastings County is expanding a successful assistance program for small enterprises and entrepreneurs to help with business start-ups. This project will allow for the creation and retention of jobs in eastern Ontario, as well as the stimulation of private sector investment and entrepreneurship.



  • Ross Video Limited designs and manufactures innovative products for use in broadcast and live event productions. The company is investing in equipment and distribution systems to introduce a new line of robotic cameras for export markets. This project will help create 25 new jobs and retain 160 jobs.



  • Goodyear Canada Inc. is improving its tire manufacturing plant equipment to be more sustainable and meet long-term customer demands. This project will help create 10 new jobs and retain 789 jobs.
  • G.T. Machining & Fabricating Ltd., a world-class exporter of diverse metal products is increasing production by adding 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This project will help create 25 new jobs and retain 138 jobs.




St. Isidore

  • Les Produits Dalmen Products Ltd., a door and window manufacturer, is expanding its St. Isidore plant to accommodate new production lines and reach new markets. This project will help create 10 new jobs and retain 35 jobs.



  • Deca Cables Inc., a supplier of wires and cables to the petrochemical, utility, broadcast, security, and electronic industries, is purchasing new manufacturing equipment to support the growth of new cable designs required for large-scale projects in the petrochemical and energy sectors. This project will help create 10 new jobs and retain 95 jobs.


Vankleek Hill

  • METEC Metal Technology Inc., a specialist in fabrication and machining of diverse metal and plastic products, is expanding its manufacturing capacity to accommodate full-time manufacturing opportunities newly acquired from offshore companies. This project will help create eight new jobs and retain 13 jobs.
  • Beau's All Natural Brewing Company, a craft brewery specializing in organic beer, is expanding its facilities, including the purchase of a new brew house and tanks to increase production and improve delivery. This project will help create 15 new jobs and retain 40 jobs.

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