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The 2008 Smart Consumer Calendar

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The 2008 Smart Consumer Calendar


Tips For Buying a Used Vehicle

Avoid curbsiders
Curbsiders pose as private sellers but are in the business of selling stolen, damaged, or odometer-tampered vehicles.

Know the history of the vehicle
Obtain a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) from the Ministry of Transportation.  The package includes the previous owners in Ontario, any outstanding Ontario liens registered against the vehicle and the current vehicle registrant.  Also consider purchasing an accident history search through www.carproof.ca or www.carfax.com.

Only make a purchase from the current owner of the vehicle
Ask for proof of ownership.  If you decide to purchase the vehicle, issue a cheque to the current owner listed on the UVIP.  Do not pay cash.

Get an inspection by a mechanic you trust
You can ask the seller for maintenance and repair records, but a mechanic may find problems the private seller failed to disclose.

Make sure the dealer is registered
All Ontario motor vehicle dealers must be registered. Shopping through a registered dealer means you're protected by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund.  Verify dealer registration at www.omvic.on.ca.

2008 Smart Consumer Calendar

The 2008 Smart Consumer Calendar provides consumers with helpful tips and resources, while educating them about frauds and scams in the marketplace. 

  • The ministry is distributing 275,000 English and 30,000 French copies of the calendar to individuals and organizations across Ontario.
  • The calendar is available at all MPP constituency offices, and at all Service Ontario / government information centres.
  • The calendar can be ordered by individuals and groups, free of charge, by calling 1-800-668-9938, or by ordering online at www.serviceontario.ca/publications.
  • The calendar can also be downloaded from the ministry's website at www.ontario.ca/consumerprotection.
  • The 2008 Smart Consumer calendar is proudly sponsored by a number of private and public sector organizations, who work to protect both consumers and businesses across Ontario from frauds and scams, including:
    • Board of Funeral Services
    • Financial Services Commission of Ontario
    • Ministry of Health Promotion
    • Ontario Energy Board
    • Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council
    • Real Estate Council of Ontario
    • Bank of Canada
    • Investor Education Fund
    • Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan
    • Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
    • Interac Association
    • Canada Revenue Agency - Charities Directorate



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