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Better online information for new home owners

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Better online information for new home owners

McGuinty Government Acts On Ombudsman’s Recommendations

Purchasers of newly-built homes now have better access to information about their new home's warranty, and the role of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

Acting on a recommendation from Ontario Ombudsman André Marin's report, the government of Ontario has launched a new home warranties section on its consumer protection website, which answers additional questions about the Tarion Warranty Corporation and the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan.

The Ombudsman's report recommended that the ministry provide additional clarification concerning its relationship with the Tarion Warranty Corporation on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website and in other communications.

An updated website now addresses the Ombudsman's report by featuring information on how to address deficiencies in a new home and outlines the option to appeal if you disagree with a new home warranty decision.  The website also now explains the role of the ministry and the role of the Tarion Board of Directors in connection with new home warranties.

Quick Facts

  • Tarion Warranty Corporation administers the New Home Warranties Plan Act, which requires builders to offer a warranty to purchasers of a new home in Ontario.
  • Over 1.45 Million new homes have been registered with Tarion since 1976.
  • The total compensation payable for warranty claims has doubled since 2003.
  • A recent Consumer's Council of Canada report noted that Ontario’s new home warranty program is more complete than any of its other provincial counterparts and provides protection for all consumers who purchase a new home or condominium.

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“We have been working hard to quickly implement the Ombudsman’s valuable recommendations. It is important that our government provide clear and complete information to the public about our precise role in protecting consumers when they buy new homes.”

Ted McMeekin

Minister of Government and Consumer Services



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