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BizPaL Brings Fast And Friendly Service To Hamilton

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BizPaL Brings Fast And Friendly Service To Hamilton

McGuinty Government Making It Easier For Businesses To Start Up And Grow

The launch of BizPaL in Hamilton today is making it easier for entrepreneurs to start up and grow a business in Ontario.

Local businesses in Hamilton can use BizPaL to get a customized list of the permits and licences they need from all levels of government to start or expand their business.  

BizPaL is an online service that saves businesses time by providing fast and easy access to information on permits and licences.  It represents an innovative partnership between the federal, provincial, regional and municipal governments.  

Quick Facts

  • BizPaL was launched in Ontario in April 2006. It is now in 106 municipalities.
  • BizPaL is one of many government services offered by ServiceOntario, the place to get fast, friendly and easy access to government services online, through the kiosks, in person and by phone.
  • 99 per cent of Ontario firms are small and medium enterprises (less than 500 employees).

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“The right plan for Ontario in these challenging economic times includes our commitment to work with business to strengthen our economy. BizPaL will give our entrepreneurs a valuable edge in getting permits and expanding their businesses.”

Ted McMeekin

Government Services Minister



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