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New Rules For Hiring Consultants

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New Rules For Hiring Consultants

McGuinty Government Ensures Competitive Process Used For All Consulting

Strong new rules governing Ontario government consulting contracts have been approved by the Ontario Cabinet.

The new rules, which are retroactive to June 16, 2009, require all Ontario government consulting contracts to follow a competitive hiring process.

The stronger rules apply to all new consulting contracts regardless of their dollar value and will apply across-the-board to all Ontario ministries and extend to agencies such as e-Health Ontario, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Ontario Power Generation, Hydro One and Ontario Lottery and Gaming.  

Highlights of the changes include:

  • All new Ontario government consulting contracts must follow a competitive hiring process, regardless of dollar value
  • Consultants will no longer be entitled to bill for hospitality, food expenses or incidental costs
  • Management, information technology, technical services, research & development, policy development and communications consultants are covered by the new rules.

The government continues taking measures that have been successful in reducing its need for consultants over the past several years.

Quick Facts

  • The government has reduced its spending on consultants by more than 40 per cent since 2001-2002.
  • A competitive process must be used for all consultant contracts, regardless of value.

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“Taxpayers deserve to know that their money is being spent properly. The new rules make ministries and agencies more transparent and accountable.”

Harinder S. Takhar

Government Services Minister

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