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Improved Access To Government Services

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Improved Access To Government Services

About 12.7 million customers currently visit separate government service outlets each year to renew their driver's licence, licence plate sticker and health card.

By the end of this year, more Ontarians will be able to make one trip for health card, driver's licence and vehicle registration services.  Close to 95 per cent of Ontarians will be within 10 kilometres of an integrated ServiceOntario centre.

These changes will give people access to more routine government services and better meet customer needs, especially in rural and northern communities.

Integrated Services

Prior to the integration initiative, only two ServiceOntario centres in Ontario - in Toronto and Ottawa - offered health card and driver's licence services from under one roof.

This one-stop-shopping initiative is being implemented on a community-by-community basis. When complete at  the end of this year almost 300 ServiceOntario centres will offer integrated health card and driver and vehicle services.

Quick Facts

·         Access to health card services will expand from the current 27 OHIP offices to all 300 integrated centres.

·         Access to driver's licence and vehicle registration services will expand from 260 centres to 300 centres.

·         In rural communities, access to health card services will expand from 2 to 167 locations, while access to driver and vehicle services will expand from 158 to 167 centres.

·         In northern communities, access to health card services will expand from six locations now to 67 integrated centres, while driver and vehicle services will increase from 55 to 67 centres.

Improved Access to Service in Petawawa

A new ServiceOntario centre is opening at 41 Festubert Boulevard on the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa. 

This will result in increased access to driver and vehicle licensing services for both the residents of Petawawa and military personnel and their families stationed on the base.

This office will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

By this summer, the Petawawa centre will offer integrated driver's licence and health card services.  Residents will have increased access to driver's licence and health card services.

Services at ServiceOntario centres

ServiceOntario's core hours of operations are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Expanded opening hours are offered at select locations so that citizens can access routine government services more conveniently.

Updated information on service location and hours of operation can be found through the online Service Location Finder at www.serviceontario.ca.

 Many services offered at ServiceOntario locations include

  • Ontario health card renewals
  • Ontario driver's licence renewals
  • Renewal of licence plate stickers
  • Driver abstracts
  • Motor vehicle abstracts
  • Personalized vehicle licence plates
  • Used Vehicle Information packages
  • Change of vehicle ownership
  •  Hunting licences
  • Fishing licences

ServiceOntario Online

New, more convenient services are also increasingly available through ServiceOntario.ca.

Ontarians can go online at their convenience to:

·         Change their address

·         Renew their licence plate sticker and have it delivered within five business days

·         Obtain and electronic driver or vehicle abstract

·         Order a personalized licence plate

·         Order a Used Vehicle Information package.

ServiceOntario also offers money-back guarantees on select online services - the first of their kind in North America.  Customers can apply online for a birth, marriage or death certificate and it will be delivered to their door in as little as five days.

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