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Ontario Veteran Licence Plates: Lest We Forget

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Ontario Veteran Licence Plates: Lest We Forget

McGuinty Government Adds Motorcycle Plate to Program

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Ontario is honouring the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country by adding a motorcycle plate to the province's veterans' licence plate program.

The veterans' licence plates recognize the dedication and commitment made by past and current veterans including:

  • Veterans of WWII and the Korean War
  • Peacekeeping missions
  • Those who have served three years or more with the Canadian regular forces

The veteran's plate for motorcycles will be available in spring 2011.

The original veteran licence plates feature a red poppy with the word "veteran". The poppy has been a symbol of those who died while fighting for peace since it was first distributed in Canada in 1921.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario veterans can get the plate free of charge. The Royal Canadian Legion charges a $5.00 administration fee to verify eligibility.
  • Ontario's speciality plate program includes more than 60 graphic choices. The veteran licence plate is the most popular specialty licence plate with almost 33,500 issued since they were first offered in 2003.
  • GO Transit will offer veterans free travel on Remembrance Day.
  • In 2007, Ontario designated the portion of Highway 401 between Trenton and the Don Valley Parkway as the Highway of Heroes.

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“These licence plates are a fitting tribute to the heroism of those who served in our armed forces and made sacrifices to defend freedom and democracy. Their bravery and dedication is an inspiration to all Ontarians.”

Harinder S. Takhar

Minister of Government Services

“The special veteran plate helps keep the memory alive of those Ontarians who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We are reminded of their noble contributions to peace every time we see the poppy on a licence plate.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Transportation

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