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Supply Chain Procurement & Procurement Practices

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Supply Chain Procurement & Procurement Practices

Statements from Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Government and Consumer Services

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Supply Chain Procurement

"I would like to thank the Auditor General for her report, which will help us improve the government's IT consulting procurement practices.

The Ontario government is committed to ensuring value for money on its IT spending, and agrees with the Auditor General's recommendations.

It is important to point out that the government uses IT consultants mainly for short-term and non-recurring projects where we need to gain external advice and specialized expertise.

Since 2001 the government has reduced the number of consultants and the respective annual spending by about 50 per cent, from $656 million to $329 million in 2014-15.

The government has converted about 1,400 IT consultants into full-time staff position since 2004, and we are continuing on this path as recommended by the Auditor.

To date, the conversion of consultants to staff positions has resulted in ongoing savings of approximately $65 million a year.

As part of our IT modernization initiative we are planning to convert an additional 96 external consultant positions into OPS IT positions, which is expected to save $4 million annually by 2018-19.

We are committed to continuing our efforts to modernize IT by lowering costs and improving how technology supports the delivery of government programs."

Procurement Practices

"Overall, the Auditor General found that ministries are following procurement requirements and that the procurement of goods and services is mostly competitive, fair and cost-effective.

Our procurement practices are grounded in the principles of openness, fairness and transparency. Using these principles, we have developed and implemented procurement processes that allow ministries to procure the goods and services they need to deliver good government to the people of Ontario.

The Auditor General has made many valuable observations we can use to further optimize compliance with our procurement requirements.

We are committed to following up and acting on these recommendations, and we will continue our ongoing work to strengthen every aspect of our procurement practices.

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