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Statement from the Minister of Government and Consumer Services on Enhanced Licence Plates


Statement from the Minister of Government and Consumer Services on Enhanced Licence Plates

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

"We have heard the concerns of Ontarians and have taken their feedback seriously, which is why our government has continued to work with the leadership of 3M Canada to determine a path forward. An enhanced licence plate is currently in development, which we expect to be available in less than 3 weeks, as per 3M Canada's assurance. For Ontarians who have already received new licence plates, an enhanced version will be provided to them via mail.

Throughout this process, including design, manufacturing and testing, our government relied on the expertise of 3M Canada to meet the quality assurance standards agreed to in our contract. We will continue to work collaboratively with 3M Canada to achieve a resolution with the enhanced plates, consistent with our contract.

Ontarians will continue to receive the current plate, launched on February 1, through ServiceOntario locations until an enhanced plate is available. We want to reassure Ontarians that the current plate does not pose a risk to public safety.

Throughout this process our government has incorporated feedback from stakeholders, including public safety stakeholders, and we appreciate their valuable input. These stakeholders will continue to work with our government on our path forward.

Our government has been clear to 3M Canada that our expectation is they will cover the cost of the replacement licence plates.

We will continue to notify the public as we move forward."

Quick Facts

  • 218,000 current plates produced as of end of day February 19th
  • 49,000 have been issued to Ontarians
  • 134,000 are in our ServiceOntario locations today
  • 35,000 are in inventory
  • The contract with 3M Canada requires delivery of a product that is free from manufacturing defects, imperfections and/or design deficiencies that may affect operation, appearance or serviceability.


“The Ontario Provincial Police has and will continue to work collaboratively with the government to introduce Ontario’s new licence plates. The new licence plates were tested by the OPP’s automated licence plate readers and were read successfully under multiple lighting conditions. The OPP has found no direct public safety concerns with the new licence plates to date, and we have confidence in the legibility of the plates to ensure traffic safety. We look forward to continuing to work with our stakeholders as the government enhances Ontario’s new licence plates.”

Thomas Carrique

Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

“We have been working closely with the Government of Ontario and are confident in the government’s commitment and approach to addressing feedback from our members. Ontario’s police leaders will continue to work with the government on the development of an enhanced licence plate.”

Jeff McGuire

Executive Director, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

“On behalf of the Ontario Provincial Police Association, I want to thank the Government of Ontario for their action to enhance Ontario’s new licence plates. The OPPA continues to work collaboratively with the Government to address concerns and we have confidence in the Government’s path forward to develop enhanced plates.”

Rob Jamieson

OPPA President

“The Police Association of Ontario (PAO) is pleased that the provincial government has committed to enhancing Ontario’s licence plates to guarantee they are clearly identifiable for our front-line police officers, and for the public. The PAO will continue to engage with the government to ensure the enhanced licence plates are tested with key public safety personnel, including our members.”

Bruce Chapman

President, Police Association of Ontario