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Building relationships through consultation

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Building relationships through consultation

Ontario, First Nations And Industry Reach Agreement On Mineral Exploration In Eastern Ontario

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

First Nations, industry and the Ontario government are working together to build stronger relationships in eastern Ontario.

The Shabot Obaadjiwan and Snimikobi Algonquin communities, together with the Algonquins of Ontario, Frontenac Ventures Corporation and the Ontario government, have successfully consulted on the company's proposed uranium exploration plans in Frontenac County, north of Kingston.

All participants in the consultations agreed on specific measures to protect health, safety, the environment and respect and protect Aboriginal values and interests. A steering committee with Algonquin and Frontenac Ventures Corporation representation will visit proposed drilling sites and engage in ongoing discussion throughout the exploration program.

As well, the company volunteered to remove some of the lands at issue from its exploration plans. Ontario has withdrawn those lands from further mineral staking.

Quick Facts

  • The Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin community is located in Sharbot Lake, Ontario.
  • The Snimikobi Algonquin community is located in Ardoch, Ontario.
  • This phase of the consultations began in June 2008, focusing on health, safety and environmental concerns as well as Algonquin Aboriginal values, interests and assertions.

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“This is an example of how by working together in a spirit of cooperation and respect, we can find creative solutions in the face of challenging situations.”

Brad Duguid

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

“I'm pleased all parties were able to find a workable solution that balances the interests of the Algonquin communities and industry while protecting the environment.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development and Mines

“I'm glad to see that a peaceful solution could be reached and that all the parties will be working together to protect the environment and the interests of the Algonquins.”

Randy Malcolm

Chief, Snimikobi Algonquin Community

“As a result of sharing knowledge, meaningful collaboration, dialogue and understanding between Aboriginal people, government and industry, we have Aboriginal values, environmental concerns, health and safety issues, best practices and a host of other matters as part of a consultation and accommodation process that balances the interests of all parties.”

Doreen Davis

Chief, Shabot Obaadjiwan Algonquin Community

“The consultation process has been a valuable learning experience for all parties. Frontenac embraces the opportunity to pursue the first phase of its exploration program with the benefit of a productive and respectful relationship with the Algonquins.”

George White

President, Frontenac Ventures Corporation



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