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Agreements Reached To Advance Negotiation Of Eastern Ontario Land Claim

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Agreements Reached To Advance Negotiation Of Eastern Ontario Land Claim

Algonquins of Ontario, Canada and Ontario Sign Negotiation Framework Agreement and Agreement on Consultation to Facilitate Modern-Day Treaty Talks

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

Two newly-signed agreements will provide a framework to help Canada, Ontario and the Algonquins of Ontario move forward with negotiations to resolve the Algonquin land claim in eastern Ontario.

A renewed Negotiations Framework Agreement establishes processes that will guide the three parties through negotiation of an Agreement-in-Principle. The ultimate goal of these talks is to reach a just and equitable settlement that will take the form of a modern treaty.

The three parties have also reached an agreement on consultation. This agreement sets out a clear and efficient means for Canada and Ontario to consult the Algonquins of Ontario and the 10 Algonquin communities they represent on proposed activities or projects in the region while the negotiations are ongoing.

Quick Facts

  • The Algonquin land claim covers an area of approximately 36,000 square kilometres within the Ottawa and Mattawa River watersheds in eastern Ontario.
  • The rights of private land owners to make use of and access their land will be protected. Privately-owned land will not be expropriated to settle this land claim.
  • Along with the Algonquin interests, the interests and concerns of affected parties are being taken into account during the negotiations. The parties will continue to share information with the public as the negotiations proceed.
  • The Algonquins of Ontario include the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation and nine other Algonquin communities in the Ottawa River watershed: Antoine, Bancroft, Bonnechere, Greater Golden Lake, Mattawa/North Bay, Ottawa, Shabot Obaadjiwan, Snimikobi and Whitney and Area.

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“The signing of these agreements demonstrates Canada's commitment to making progress on land claims. With our partners at the table, we are working toward a win-win solution that will balance the interests of all concerned and bring economic benefits and certainty for the Algonquin people and their neighbours throughout eastern Ontario.”

The Honourable Chuck Strahl

Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians

“These agreements are excellent examples of what we can achieve when we work together in a spirit of respect and cooperation. Through continued negotiations with the federal government and the Algonquins of Ontario, as well as consultations with the public, we are moving forward on finding the best solution for eastern Ontario.”

The Honourable Brad Duguid

Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

“On behalf of the Algonquins of Ontario, we welcome the commitment of the governments of Canada and Ontario to reach a comprehensive agreement on our land claim in a timely manner. The Algonquin Nation of Ontario remains respectful of the many non Algonquins who live, work and make their homes in our Traditional Territory. We believe the settlement can bring closure for this major issue, as well as opportunities for Algonquins that will also benefit non Algonquins.”

Chief Kirby Whiteduck

Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, speaking on behalf of the First Nation and the nine other Algonquin communities

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